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Sustainable Transport

Dr. Khaled Hamad

Dr. Khaled Hamad

  • Civil Engineering and Environment Department - College of Engineering.
  • Leader of Sustainable Transport Circle.
Dr. Muamer Abuzwidah

Dr. Muamer Abuzwidah

  • Civil and Environmental Engineering Department - College of Engineering.
  • Co-leader of Sustainable Transport Circle.
  1. Move towards sustainable transportation systems: since transportation is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants that contribute to health problems, using more sustainable modes of transportation helps reducing air pollution, traffic congestion, and GHG emissions.
  2. Promote the overall health and wellbeing of the campus community by encouraging and facilitating cycling and walking, where UOS has bicycle racks distributed around the campus.
  3. Achieve cost savings and to support local economies: by reducing the use of petroleum-based fuels for transportation.
  4. Support carpooling to travel to and from the university: carpooling will reduce the number of vehicles entering the campus which will reduce the air pollution and the GHG emissions on campus.