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Creative Initiatives

Dr. Iman Ibrahim

Dr. Iman Ibrahim

  • Interior Design - College of Fine Arts & Design.
  • Leader of Creative Initiatives Sustainability Circle
Dr. Ridvan Aydin

Dr. Ridvan Aydin

  • Industrial Engineering & Engineering Management Department- College of Engineering.
  • Co-leader of Creative Initiatives Sustainability Circle
  1. Recommend practical solutions to cut costs of purchasing new materials or equipment and operate facilities optimally.
  2. Provide the UoS Campus community with Eco-Friendly lifestyle prototypes to experience, and adopt sustainability as a way to conduct business.
  3. Activate the existing MOU with Beea’h to collect recyclable waste and provide students with treated materials for academic and research projects.
  4. Design a comprehensive focused data-collection system for sustainability based initiatives that records information on processes, outcomes and budget savings.
  5. Support incorporating environmental features into new and proposed UoS projects from design to implementation.
  6. Strengthen ties with the local community by creating public/private partnerships and build diverse and collaborative relationships with community organizations, and governmental entities.