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The Sustainable Garden

Dr. Ray Mallek

Department of Finance and Economics

Leader of the Sustainable Garden Circle

1. Promote Health and Nutrition:Create access to affordable, local, healthy and sustainable food sources for UoS residents, Promote healthy living through gardening.
2. Growing Locally:Make it easy to grow healthy food for personal use, help to ensure that we know where our food comes from, that it is grown without chemicals and that it is not genetically modified.
3. Provide Educational Opportunities:The community garden offers both hands-on and seminars events throughout the year focused on health and nutrition, environmental stewardship, and organic gardening.
4. Strengthening the Local Community: Create public/private partnerships - build diverse and collaborative relationships with community organizations, and governmental entities • Connect people with each other, reducing isolation and creating a stronger sense of place. (Growing, eating and sharing food brings communities together.) Improve quality of life: health, well-being & happiness by offer practical practices and educational opportunities for people of all ages. This enhances a sense of community on campus through team building and working towards a common goal.
5. Protecting the Environment:Protect the quality of our land, soil, air and water by eliminating the use of chemical, and fertilizers. , Prevent food waste and lower our carbon footprints - reduce, reuse, recycle. 6. Support public policy that will confirm support for community gardens.