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Animal Welfare

Ms. Shabnam Fatima and Ms. Sheri Gangluff.
College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Leaders of Animal Welfare Sustainability Circle

Short-Term Goals:
1. Ensure control of the stray cat population through the TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) approach.
2. Create designated feeding stations.
3. Seek volunteers to help with trapping, transporting and returning cats after surgical procedures.
4. Organize donation drives for food and other necessary support such as medical supplies and pet carriers.
5. Create awareness in the community about the benefits of TNR.
6. Represent the University of Sharjah at local, regional and international animal welfare workshops, forums and conferences.
7. Promote the University of Sharjah as an animal friendly environment for the sustainability of the community through uses of social media and other public forums.
Long-Term Goals:
1. Make arrangements for care during summer months, including regular provision of food and water, and the construction of permanent air-conditioned shelters on campus.
2. Set up on-campus vet services.
3. Seek cat wellness through medical treatment and vaccinations against diseases.
4. Respond to the needs of cats and other animals requiring urgent medical attention.