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Sustainability Policy

Policy for sustainable development at the University of Sharjah

University of Sharjah has an objective to become a prominent educational institution in regard to sustainable development. To achieve this ambition University of Sharjah is taking measurements to stimulate the different aspects of sustainability in education and research related fields, as well as physically implementing the concept throughout the campus.

As part of the mentioned objective, University of Sharjah has taken the initiative to assign the responsibility of sustainable development to the Sustainability Office, which include following:

  • Become an institutional forefront in the work of sustainable development 
  • Establish collaborative relationships to promote sustainability 
  • Increase production and utilization of effective research related to social, economic and ecological development
  • Constantly obtain knowledge and competence in the teachings of sustainability 
  • Incorporate the teachings of sustainable development in various educational activities
  • Develop anticipatory solutions for activities that may have negative effects on social, environmental or economic progression
  • Frequently review and assess the university's work in sustainable development
  • Search for solutions and methods of improvement related to the work in sustainable development
  • According to capacity implement technology and resources which promote sustainable development
  • To make sustainable solutions available for students, staff and faculty members
  • Imprint consequence thinking in decisions which may affect sustainable development for students, staff and faculty members