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Sharjah Islamic Center International Award for Islamic Banking Products 2017

Out of a commitment on the part of the Sharjah Islamic Center for Economy and Finance Studies at the University of Sharjah to contributing to the development of Islamic banking, and of the Center’s belief in the importance of research in the fields of Islamic economy and banking aiming at linking theory to practice, the Center is pleased to launch the second edition of:

Sharjah Islamic Center International Award of Islamic Banking Product
2nd Edition of 2016-2017

Organizing Committee:
  1. Dr. Ibrahim Al Mansouri                              Chair
  2. Prof. Hassan Mohammad Al Rifaii Member
  3. Dr. Ahmad Qasim Farah                              Member
  4. Dr. Mohammad Sadat                                 Member
  5. Dr. Mohammad Warsam                             Member
  6. Dr. Mohammad Sheikh Al Baity                 Member
  7. Dr. Seyed Tantawi                                        Member

Scientific Committee
  1. Dr. Ibrahim Al Mansouri                              Chair
  2. Prof. Hassan Mohammad Al Rifaii Member
  3. Dr. Ali Mohammad Al Sawwa                     Member
  4. Prof. Seyed Othman Al Habshi                   Member
  5. Dr. Sami bin Ibrahim Al Suwailem Member
  6. Dr. Khaled Abdulaziz Al Janahi                   Member
  7. Dr. Ibrahim Ali Al Tunaiji                             Member

Award Objectives
- Encouragement of researchers to carry out applied research in Islamic banking and invent and develop Islamic banking products.
- Directing studies towards the needs of Islamic banking with the aim of achieving total development.
- Overcoming the difficulties Islamic banks face while performing some field applications.
- Promulgating Islamic banking studies with the aim of having their findings and recommendations adopted by concerned organizations. 

Fields the products to be submitted
The product proposed for the award should serve the Islamic banking sector in any field of performance. Types of such products or services include:
- Products of all instruments of Islamic finance and investment
- Islamic banking services
- Any other product applicable by the bank and presenting a distinguished service to customers

Assessment Criteria
Products presented to the competition will be assessed by a specialized jury based on the following criteria:
  1. Importance of the product for Islamic banking activities.
  2. Is the product based upon a sound scientific methodology?
  3. Sequence of presenting the project phases of the product.
  4. Applicability of the product by Islamic banks.
  5. Originality, modernity and objectivity of the product.
  6. Does the product help in the development of existing banking products?
  7. Product's coverage of the Shari'a aspect.
  8. Product's coverage of the legal aspect.
  9. Product's coverage of the economic aspect.
  10. Products' coverage of the implementation mechanism of Islamic banks.

Categories eligible to participate:
Participation will be available for the following categories :
1- Specialists in economisits who work in islamic banks and experts
2- Students

First Place 7,000 USD
Second Place 5,500 USD
Third Place 4,000 USD

General Conditions
- A participant should submit a plan of the product’s life cycle and the procedures of implementation by the bank.
- A submitted product may not have won a previous award.
- The maximum number of pages about the product should be 25 excluding the annexes.
- In the event of submitting one product by multiple participants, the award will be divided equally among them.

How to Apply
- Participating products should be submitted to the Sharjah Islamic Center for Economy and Finance Studies
- An electronic copy of the participating products should be submitted in Word and PDF format

Important Dates
- December 1st 2016 is the deadline for receiving the finalized participating products
- Results will be announced in February 2017

Contact us
land phone : 0097165053663
Email : 

booklet sharjah islamic center international award.pdf

Registration Form in english.docx

Registration Form in arabic.docx