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Academic Records Section

The Academic Records Section at the Registration Department issues official documents after fulfilling the conditions required for all categories of students studying at the University of Sharjah, this includes the continuing students, students who have dropped, withdrawn, and academically dismissed students. These documents include academic transcripts, verifications and to whom it may concern certificates holding the necessary signatures from the Registration Department, where the student's academic transcript displays the courses registered and the results obtained since joining the University until last semester studied in the university, while the verifications and certificates include student registration status, semester start and end dates, the expected date of graduation, the verification of graduation documents and graduate academic status, which may be requested by third-parties for accreditation or equivalencies purposes inside or outside UAE. These documents may also include other information such as the duration of study, language of instruction, the degree awarded, the CGPA, rating, attendance system, study system (full-time or part-time), and student good conduct.
The list of documents being issued by the section are as follows:
  1. Official Academic Transcript for a student (continuous, terminated, withdrawn, academically dismissed).
  2. Letter of enrolment and continuity of study.
  3. Letter stating the start and end dates of study.
  4. Letter stating the final examinations start and end dates.
  5. Letter declaring the expected date of graduation for continuous students.
  6. Special letters (Armed Forces, Scholarships, and Diplomatic Authorities).
  7. Letter stating the completion of graduation requirements (before the issuance of the official graduation documents).
  8. Letter declaring the student’s academic status for graduated, dropped, terminated, withdrawn, or dismissed students.
  9. Letter verifying the graduation academic information, for accreditation and equivalencies purposes inside and outside UAE.
  10. An official copy of the class schedule requested by employers (for working students).
Students can obtain any of the above documents by applying online through the electronic services available via student self-service after selecting the type of request and following the steps required.
• Students are asked to contact the Finance Department to pay the fees of the requested documents after applying online. Official transcripts will be delivered to students only after the settlement of all overdue payments.
For third-parties, authorities, and governmental institutions within and outside UAE seeking verification of a student’s degree and/or academic transcript for purposes of employment or admission to other universities, please send a request accompanied by a copy of the documents to verify them at the following address:
Academic Records Section
Registration Department - University of Sharjah
P.O.Box 27272, Sharjah
United Arab Emirates
Phone: 0097165050000
Fax:        0097165050717