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Registration Instructions

Student LevelRegistration Dates
Year 5 : 131 Earned Credits & More                        11-04-2022 TO 01-09-2022
Year 4 : 99 – 130 Earned Credits14-04-2022 TO 01-09-2022
Year 3 : 65 – 98 Earned Credits18-04-2022 TO 01-09-2022
Year 2 : 31 – 64 Earned Credits21-04-2022 TO 01-09-2022
Year 1 : 00 – 30 Earned Credits25-04-2022 TO 01-09-2022
Students under Academic Probation11-04-2022 TO 01-09-2022
Students in IEP program11-04-2022 TO 01-09-2022
Re-Admitted from IEP & New Students11-04-2022 TO 01-09-2022
Continuous Postgraduate Students11-04-2022 TO 01-09-2022
Bridging Programs11-04-2022 TO 01-09-2022
Medicine & Dentistry 11-04-2022 TO 01-09-2022

Add/Drop Period for Summer 2021/2022

Add/Drop Period for Fall 2022/2023

30 – 31 May 2022

29 Aug. – 01 Sept. 2022

Note: The number of registered hours in Spring 2021/2022 is not counted within the earned hours mentioned above.

§  Students who are under academic probation are expected to contact their Academic Advisors to collect their PIN Codes.

§  New students, re-admitted students and IEP students are kindly asked to apply on the E-services to request for course registration. User Guide


In order to register for the upcoming semesters, please make sure that settlement of all your outstanding balance including Post‐Dated Cheques and installments is made in addition to the advance payment towards your next semester's tuition fees as follows:

  • To register for Summer 2022/2021   semester, kindly make the advance payment of AED 5,000.
  • To register for the Fall 2022/2023 semester, kindly make the advance payment of AED 10,000.
  • To register for Summer 2021/2022 & Fall 2022/2023 semesters together, kindly make the advance payment of AED 15,000.
  • Newly admitted students must pay AED 12,000 for Fall 2022/2023 to register for courses.

Payment OptionsImportant Notes

To avoid congestion we remind you of the following available payment methods:


§  Payment by credit card through the online self-service (available on the website).

§  Payment through any of Sharjah Islamic Bank's ATM machines.

§  Payment through any of Sharjah Islamic Bank's branches.


For further information, please visit this link.

1. The deadline for fee payment for Summer semester 2021/2022 is 01 June 2022 and for Fall 2022/2023 is 08 Sep 2022

2. Students will be charged the full tuition fees for all registered courses during Summer 2021/2022 Semester if these courses are not dropped up to 31 May 2022.

3. For the Fall Semester, if any courses are dropped during the Add/Drop period or before the Census date (15 Sep 2022) the student's account is fully refunded the course tuition.

Otherwise, the student will be charged the full tuition fees for all registered courses during the Fall 2022/2023 Semester.

4. If any courses are dropped after the Census date (15 Sept 2022) without receiving 'F', no tuition fees are refunded to the student's account for the dropped courses.

5. Please follow the payment dates set to avoid the late payment penalty and blackboard holds.