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To ensure that the Registration Department provides the best services, we are pleased to provide the following E-services that can be accessible at any given time:


  • Applying is available for students through MyUDC under the "E-services" link.
  • The student is notified automatically via e-mail once the application request is complete.
  • The application fees are added to the student account automatically, except for the request of the Official Transcript which must be settled in advance.
  • To setup the university e-mail on your smart phone iOS - Android.
  • Bylaws apply according to the level of the student.
  • For the users' guide, please press here.


Service Purpose Fees
To whom it may concern request To issue 'To Whom it May Concern' certificate stating the student academic status. Additional notes can be added by students upon their request. 21 AED
Official Transcript request To issue an official copy of the student's academic record, including all courses taken and all grades received.

20 AED


Pay overdue fees

Change program request

To apply for a change program, either change major, change college or re-assignment of IEP students in a different major.

Requirements: Upload the unofficial transcript available in the application page.

Bylaws apply according to the level of the student.

35 AED

(50 AED for Re-assignment)

Declare major / minor / concentration request  Students in College of Business Administration and Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (English Language Department) can declare their concentration, major, or minor. No charges
Equivalency of courses transferred from outside UOS

Transferred students to UOS, may apply for an equivalency of courses completed in their previous university.

Requirements: Upload a copy of the transcript, course syllabus and the list of courses to be considered.

Bylaws apply according to the level and college of student.

No charges
Equivalency of courses transferred within  UOS

Students changing their programs within UOS, may apply for an equivalency of courses completed in the previous program.

Requirements: Upload list of courses to be considered.

No charges
Request of registration in summer outside UOS

Students may apply to register summer courses outside UOS in case these courses were not offered in UOS.

Other rules apply; please refer to your registrar.

No charges
Substitute course request for expected to graduate students

Expected to graduate students may apply for a substitute course in cases such as; a compulsory course was not offered, or the compulsory course conflicts with another compulsory course..

Bylaws apply according to the level of the student.

No charges

Incomplete request


To apply for an incomplete grade, in case the student failed to attend the final examination because of ill health or some other compelling circumstances.

Bylaws apply according to the level of the student.

35 AED
Final exam review Student may apply within two weeks after the grades have been posted to have his/her final examination answer sheets or booklet reviewed. 20 AED
Student may apply for an exception on a special case that do not comply with UOS bylaws. The request is reviewed by the Student Affairs committee. No charges
Withdrawal from semester

To apply for a semester withdrawal, please fill this form and submit it to the concerned registrar after providing the approvals of the Financial and Dorms departments.

Graduate Studies students shall contact their college.

Bylaws apply according to the level of the student.

Pay overdue fees

Applying for Graduation

Students who are expected to graduate must apply at the beginning of their last semester to confirm their intention to graduate.

No Charges

Dropping Course(s) without 'F' Grade
​Student may apply to drop a course(s) online with respect to the deadline and the steps mentioned in the user guide.
​Pay overdue fees
Request for an E-Document​
​A third party can receive the following documents online from the registration department via request by the student. Documents that you wish to send electronically:

· To Whom It May Concern Letter

· Graduation Completion Letter

· Official Transcript

· Class Schedule

· Final Exams Schedule

​​Follow the user guide.

Manual requests:

Registration Form
Withdrawal from Semester Request
Student Affairs Request