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CGPA Calculator

Grading System

UOS uses a four point grading system for the diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Course passing grade for Diploma, Bachelor and Postgraduate Diploma degrees is (D), (C+) for Master, and (B) for Doctorate Degree.


Semester & Cumulative Grade Point Average SGPA/CGPA

The averages are obtained by multiplying the points obtained in each course by the number of credit hours allocated for the course and then dividing the total result by the total number of credit hours of all the courses. The SGPA consists of the average of all points obtained in all the courses studied in that semester regardless of whether the student has passed or failed in any of them. The CGPA at any point in time is the aggregate of points obtained in every course studied up to that date regardless of failing or passing. The CGPA is rounded to the nearest two decimal digits.


Repeated Courses

When repeating a course, the higher grade is counted.  All courses taken and grades obtained appear on the transcript with a special code attached to courses which were failed or repeated, and which do not count in the CGPA. When a course is repeated, the credit hours allocated to it are calculated only once towards graduation. 

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