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Covid-19 FAQs

Registration questions:


Q1. When is the registration, add and drop period? When are students eligible to register?

Check the Academic Calendar from the University's website for dates, deadlines, and important events. Registration instructions can be accessed through this link.


Q.2.    Who is the Academic Advisor and when should the student meet him/her?

The Academic Advisor is a faculty member from the student's department. Students should always contact the advisor (during his/her office hours) before registering for courses every semester to ensure that they're registered correctly and according to the study plan.

 Q.3.    How can a student be placed on the waiting list and when can he/she actually register in the section?

If a section is closed (full), the student can be placed in the waiting list by going through self-service. The student can register in the section only after receiving an email stating that a seat is available, this should be done within the frame of (16) hours from the time the email was received.

Q.4.    Can a student enroll in a full section?

After removing the waitlists, the student can contact the department offering the course and ask for a "Registration Permission" to raise the capacity and then register through his/her self-service.

Q.5.    What is a course description and how can a student get it?

A course description is detailed information about the content of the registered courses by the student and can be attained by the administrative assistant in the college to which the course belongs to.


Q.6.    What is the difference between withdrawal from semester and withdrawal from university?

Withdrawal from semester: Discontinuation of studies for a certain semester. The request should be applied through the Registration Department (E-Services).

Withdrawal from university: Withdrawal of the student’s file from the university. The request should be applied through the Student Records, Document and Archiving Office.

Q.7.    How many times can a student repeat a course that he/she has already passed?

The student can repeat a passed course only once if the grade is below:

C for Bachelor and Diploma degrees

B+ for Doctorate and Master degrees

B+ for the Foundation year in Medicine and Dental Medicine Colleges

Q.8.    How can a student solve the courses conflict issues?

The student should visit his/her academic advisor or the head of department if there is a conflict in the desired course schedule to provide him/her with the appropriate assistance.

 Q.9.    How can a student print the class schedule, the Final Exam schedule and the study plan?

By going to: UOS Website >> MYUOS Portal >> MyUDC >> LOGIN >> Students >> Registration >> Summarized Schedule/Final Exam Schedule/Student Program of Study

Q.10.   How can a student print the unofficial transcript?

From UOS Website go to: MYUOS Portal >> MyUDC >> LOGIN >> Student >> Student Record >> Un-official Transcript

Q.11.   What do the abbreviations (M T W R) in my schedule mean?

These are abbreviations of the days of the week, as shown in the table below:

AbbreviationWeek Day


Q.12.   What do the following abbreviations mean (MAM, MAW, UOS, ..) ?
Those are Campuses abbreviations, see the table below:

KOMKhorfakan Men's Campus
KOWKhorfakan Women's Campus
KUMKalba Men's Campus
KUWKalba UOS Women's Campus
MAMUOS Men's Campus
MAWUOS Women's Campus
MDMMedical Men's Campus
UOSUOS Main Campus (Men, Women)
FAMFine Arts Men's Campus
MDWMedical Women's Campus
DNWDibba Al Hesn Women's Campus
MLWMaliha Women's Campus
SHMSharjah Men's Campus (Community)
SHWSharjah Women's Campus (Community)


Q.13.   What is a CRN?

CRN is the Course Reference Number; each course has a uniquely specified CRN.

Q.14.   What happens if a section I already am registered in closes?

The college will notify the student that the section has been closed so that he/she can register in a different section during the registration (add/drop) period.

Q.15.  Does the student require the approval of the scholarship entity to drop a course after the Add and Drop period? Whom should he/she contact?

Scholarships' conditions vary, therefore students must contact Ms. Anoud Al Qassimi (Scholarship Coordinator) at and send the following details (student name – university ID – Scholarship entity  - student contact number – Dropped Course Title – No. of credit hours before and after dropping the course).

Q.16.   I have a hold; what does that mean, and what should I do about it?

There are many different types of holds specified by the University of Sharjah. The table below explains what each Hold means:

Type of ProbationWhere to go?
Contact Registration OfficeGo to the registrar in the Registration building, M11-A
No Web Registration AllowedGo to the registrar in the Registration building, M11-A
English Skills HoldGo to the registrar in the Registration building, M11-A
Probation HoldGo to the registrar in the Registration building, M11-A
Financial HoldGo to the Financial Office in the Registration building, M11-A
Sponsorship HoldGo to the Financial Office (Sponsorship) in the Registration building, M11-A
Missing DocumentsGo to the Admission Office in the Admission building, M11-A
Contact Admissions OfficeGo to the Admission Office in the Admission building, M11-A
Contact Security OfficeGo to the security office in Main building M11


E-Services Questions

Q.1.   What are Electronic Services and what do they include?

Electronic Services are combinations of several services through which the student applies to. E.g. To Whom It May Concern Letter – Official Transcript – Change Major – etc.

Q.2.   What steps should I follow to change my major?

Go to MY UDC >> E-Services >> Select Change of Program Request >> Choose desired college and major, upload the transcript (Download it from MY UDC) >> Click on Submit 

You can follow up with the administrative assistant in the desired college with the reference number that appears. The major will be changed after the approval of both the head of the department and the dean of the college.

Q.3.   How can a student apply for a To Whom It May Concern Letter (Continuation of study letter) for immigration / national service / license / bank etc. purposes?

A student can apply for the request by going to the university’s website >> My UOS Portal >> Banner >> Login >> E-Services >> Select To Whom It May Concern Letter >> Fill in the details.

Kindly specify the purpose of the letter and include any additional information required.
Q.4.   What is the difference between an official transcript and a nonofficial transcript?

Official Transcript: An official document signed & sealed by the Registration Department usually given to a specific organization and is requested through the Electronic Services. It must be paid for in advance through the Finance Department.

Un-Official Transcript: Unsealed Transcript with no signature, it can be printed from My UDC Banner self-service.

Q.5.   How can a student follow up on the requested e-service online?

A student can follow up on the request by going to the university’s website >> My UOS Portal >> Banner >> Login >> E-Services >> Check the status of the request >> Completed, or can check the email for a notification that the request was processed.

Q.6.   What is an Incomplete Grade?

The student applies for an Incomplete Grade through Electronic Services when he/she cannot attempt the final examination for a given reason. After the approval of the instructor and the dean of the college, the Incomplete Grade (I) is assigned for the student. After attempting the exam, the grade will change and the new grade will be entered in the system. 

Regarding the bylaws

Q.1.   What is an academic probation? What are its consequences?

A student gets an academic probation when his cumulative GPA (CGPA) goes below 2.00 (out of 4.00) starting from the second semester. The student has to raise his cumulative GPA (CGPA) to (2.00) to avoid compulsory major transfer (change major) or college, or dismissal from the university.

Q.2.   How can a probated student register for courses? How many hours can a probated student register? Where does he/ she get the PIN code from?

A probated student should meet the academic advisor to choose the appropriate courses and get the PIN code number to register the courses online. The student can register for 13 credit hours and if the student is expected to graduate in the same semester, he/she is allowed to register for 15 credit hours after the department’s recommendation and in coordination with the Registration Department.

Q.3.   Can a student register below 12 credit hours? What are the cases in which the student is allowed to do so?

A student can register below 12 credit hours if he/she is expected to graduate in the same semester. For a non-graduate student, he/she can register 9 credit hours after the Dean’s approval.

Q.4.   What happens if my cumulative GPA (CGPA) falls below 1.00? Do I have to transfer my major compulsorily?

 The student has to change the major compulsorily when he/she gets a cumulative GPA (CGPA) below 1.00 by the end of any semester and cannot go back to the current major again. To calculate your GPA please click here.