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Marketing and Digital Communication

Marketing and Digital Communication
We  protect and enhance the University’s reputation and brand and provide professional advice and support on communications; marketing and marketing campaigns.
We promote the University and priorities to a wide range of audiences.
We enable the University to deliver on its vision through the provision of professional advice and support for all communications and marketing activity across the institution, and exploitation of new approaches and technologies.
• To promote the University’s vision of how we make a significant, sustainable and socially responsible contribution locally, nationally and globally.
• Ensure all communications are relevant to the intended audience and reflect the brand values of the University: Accessible, Global, Stimulating, Innovative, Influential, Excellent.
• To lead on innovation in communications and marketing and promotion of best practice across the University.
• University position in reputation-based rankings.
• Attraction of the world’s most promising students and most outstanding staff.
• Visibility in national and international media of our academics and the impact of their work.
• Consistent application of the University's visual identity.
• Production of high-quality content that is valued by the intended audience.
• Engagement between local communities and the University.
• Use of evidence to inform decision making, innovative practices and uptake of new technology.
• Numbers of University staff accessing our services.
• Enhanced understanding and appreciation amongst key partners and stakeholders of the University’s activities and contribution.
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The Marketing and Digital Communications Department develops marketing strategies and tactics to build awareness and create interest in UOS. As part of a planned branding and marketing program, the office also integrates marketing and communications strategies for individual colleges, departments, and programs. We create and implement marketing including purchasing media for the university and individual unit campaigns. We design advertising / marketing projects and work with you on placing materials for maximum impact with the target audience. We ensure that messages both reflect the university’s overall marketing strategies and are effective in reaching University of Sharjah constituents.