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Advising Smart Apps

The University of Sharjah Marketing and Student Recruitment Dept. has launched two apps.

The first App. is Ibecome* and is operational on android phones and on Apple store.

The Purpose of this application is to discover secondary high school students preferences and inclinations towards various academic specialization offered at UOS.

This application will help students to discover their personality traits and interests which will help them select their academic study at the university.





The second App.UOS Specialization* and is operational on android phones and on Apple store.

The App. allows students to find the job opportunity commensurate with their specialization.

The App. provides the prospective students the opportunity to search for the majors offered by the University of Sharjah in an easy manner. It also allows the user to search for the job opportunities commensurate with their specialization. Also users can get linked from   the different specializations to a probable career opportunity.

Students are automatically linked to the videos and news about the university.

Also, students are linked to the on-line chat facility for further clarification when needed.


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