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Security & Governance Services

IT security ensure UoS data and digital services are protected to facilitate academic activity without fear.
University’s precious Data has to be protected with Confidentiality, ensure its integrity and Availability Mainly Device (laptop/server) security, Email security, Perimeter security (Intrusion and Firewalling) Web security, Identity protection etc. are handled.
Periodic security reviews and It governance ensures critical University resources are 24X7 monitored.

Security Monitoring

24X7 Security Incidents Event Monitoring recently established. All Critical services are now security monitored for any intrusion, Data breech and cyber attacks.
Security Monitoring

Online Security Trainings

Periodically Security trainings are offered to staff Example – Email security, Data protection, Ransomware etc. Phishing simulations are conducted to test awareness levels.
Online Security Trainings

End point security review

Laptops and end user devices are the primary target for intruders, It security ensure they are with sufficient protection measures like antivirus and behavioral detection enabled
Online Security Trainings

Security Review services

Web, Email, Infrastructure, Database, Cloud security Network security domains are periodically reviewed to ensure architecture an process are followed.
Online Security Trainings

Identity access management governance

User digital identities need to be managed from inception till exit and through life cycle changes. It security articulated policies and governance in this front.
Online Security Trainings

Policy Governance

IT policies, Procedures and standards are established and ensured they are in effect.
Online Security Trainings