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Security & Governance

IT security services ensure University’s precious Data is protected with Confidentiality, ensure its integrity and Availability.

Security Monitoring

24X7 Security Incidents Event Monitoring recently established. All Critical services are now security monitored for any intrusion, Data breech and cyber attacks.
Security Monitoring

Online Security Trainings

Periodically Security trainings are offered to staff Example – Email security, Data protection, Ransomware etc. Phishing simulations are conducted to test awareness levels.
Online Security Trainings

Security & Governance

Services provided

  • Managed Detection and Response of security incidents through SIEM 24X7 
  • Threat intelligence sharing 
  • Vulnerability assessment for Critical services and advising Patch updates 
  • Security Awareness online trainings 
  • End point security review 
  • Network security review 
  • Email Security review 
  • Policy Governance 
  • Penetration tests 

Dos & Don'ts

  1. If you suspect a Cyber-attack, Data breech or any other IT security incidents report to IT service desk. 
  2. In case you feel your University IT account is compromised, Reset your password. 
  3. Ensure password complexity 
  4. Never Share your password 
  5. Store your data only in appropriate UoS approved Storages (UosDrive or Departmental share drives 
  6. Don’t store data in Public Cloud storages like Google Drive or Dropbox etc. 
  7. University will never ask to share information through Non-IT channels 
  8. Use always University Email services as the primary mode of email communication 
  9. Ensure University Data is not shared outside publicly 
  10. Avoid public Display of your identity 

Frequently asked Questions

Need to report a problem? 
Contact the IT Service Desk: 
or call 06-5050 0000