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Project Year 2022/2023

Banner Realization

Implementing modernization to the university’s primary administrative information systems. It delivers a fresh user experience, many new tools, and significantly improved capabilities across all Banner components, driving new efficiencies so you can focus on student success.
Several Security Project such as Web Application Firewall, Network Access Control, Data Leakage Prevention and Banner Access Management are merged together in this Security Program and released recently:
  • MFA is enabled for all staff so that even if password is compromised UoS data and access is secure.
  • Web application Firewall
  • Data leakage prevention

Digital Certificates

Digital platform enabling the issuance, attestation, and exchange of digital records for all levels of education.

One Gate Portal

One Gate Solution for students, faculty and staff in UoS to access their personal info,academic details, UoS
one gate

Disability Solutions - Blackboard Ally

Anthology Ally works seamlessly with your Learning Management System (LMS)to gauge the accessibility of your content. Ally provides guidance and tips for lasting improvements to your content accessibility.
BB Ally


With Studiosity service, students upload their file for same-day writing feedback throughout the semester.

Network enhanced Services

Network Traffic Engineering Successful Implementation of New Core Switches Project
enhanced Services


University of Sharjah adopted this solution to automate a very important purchasing

Assets repository



New End user management with Self service portal and mobile application with Al assistant.

Project Year 2021/2022

SharePoint Upgrade 2019

University of Sharjah has migrated in-house SharePoint-OnPrem from 2013 to SharePoint 2019 with features and updates to existing features in SharePoint Server 2019 with the capability of cloud integration.

Housing Application

Faculty housing application is a workflow based application where faculty can submit their request to housing committee for changing and requesting new house. In addition, this application has housing clearance process as well, which has several stockholder to approve the clearance, initiate by HR department.

Performance Appraisal

As part of the Human Resources Department’s plan to implement a new Performance Management System in the coming years, the IT department developed a performance review or evaluation that evaluates an employee’s skills, achievements, and growth. The appraisal incudes the period from 1st September and ends on 31st August of each academic year.

Enterprise Service Management

ServiceDesk Plus now brings you enterprise service management (ESM), which extends the best practices of IT service management (ITSM) to other business functions, such as Human Resources, Admin, Finance, and Facilities
With ESM, you can now:
  • Create a service desk instance for each business function within your organization
  • Implement specific, customized service management workflows for each instance
  • Use pre-built templates and catalog, custom made for each business function
  • Create a centralized ESM portal and provide employees role-based access to specific or all service desk instances

Banner 9 Student Self Service SSB

Improved Student and Faculty Experience
  • Student Advising Profile - saves times for students and advisors, enables personalized advice for better academic decisions
  • Attendance tracking empowers faculty, saving time for registrars and financial aid
  • Faculty Grade Entry streamlines grade processing including the ability to enter grades via spreadsheet
  • Registration
    -More intuitive, saving time for registrar and the IT office
    -Seamless integration with Ellucian DegreeWorks
    -Enables advisors to better plan their student's success
    -Better visibility into course demand for registrars

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Students

MFA is an authentication method that requires more than one verification method to sign into the Office 365 portal. The University of Sharjah has enabled Azure MFA on your Office 365 account for this purpose. Azure MFA is Microsoft's two‐step verification solution. When you log into your Office Portal (Office 365 account) from outside the County network you will be required to enter your username and password as well as a verification code.


Cisco Meraki WiFi

Cisco Meraki Wi-Fi 6 is a certified wireless technology, which is covering the whole University of Sharjah Main Campus and Branches as well. Wi-Fi 6 providing the faster speed and excellent coverage to the University Students, Staff, Faculty and Guests. Provision of indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi 6 is contributing seamless internet experience to the University users with end-to-end visibility.


UoS Virtual-Labs

Within the strategic plans of the Information Technology Center and our endeavor to improve our technical services, we are pleased to present to you the new “UoS vLabs”, which makes it easier for students to access licensed academic programs from anywhere and at any time.
  • Easy access to virtual laboratories from any place or device
  • Laboratories are available seven days a week, 24/7
  • Ease of use of licensed academic programs for all students
v lab

Hyflex Classrooms

Along with the rising demand for collaboration comes the need for designing and equipping learning spaces with meaningful AV solutions, we have upgrade the university classrooms and Labs with Hybrid solution that features interactive displays, VC, Projector, Audio system and Control system, combines the best practices of traditional face-to-face class and online learning.

Virtual Court LAB

Virtual Courts is a concept, aimed at reducing the presence of litigant or lawyer in the court and for adjudication of cases on a virtual platform. The concept has been evolved in order to efficiently utilize court resources and to provide litigants with an effective avenue to settle petty disputes, here at university of Sharjah we have implemented two virtual Court Labs to enhance the student Experience and follow the world latest method of hearing

Data Center Renovation

The University of Sharjah is a comprehensive academic institution with a distinctive learning style and a global vision. It is pioneer in academia, scientific research and the arts in the UAE and the GCC region. All programs are accredited by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Some programs such as Engineering, Communication, Science and Business have attained international accreditation.

It is clear that even without the recent increased dependency on digital infrastructure brought about by COVID-19, the demand for services from data centers will continue to increase. The vision of university of Sharjah is to have well-organized, high speed network cables with top-quality solution that scales up to support our future growth and give us the best value of performance. In addition, one of the main goals of Data Center renovation project is to avoid Cable Congestions. To enable Tracing and Port Mapping, a structured cabling infrastructure is essential. This will help to easily trace where each component of the cabling system and solve any issues that the data center might experience.

Monitoring and the visibility of Real Time Reports for our Datacenter Operations is one of our major objectives. The ability to track, analyze, and generate real-time reports will enable to make well informed decisions, a richer and deeper insights into the data center operations and performance metrics.

Project vision includes:
  • Process for organizing cables.
  • Improving the efficiency of processes.
  • Creating procedures.
  • Documentation for ongoing improvement.
  • Diagram for the existing equipment and all types of connections for each RACK.
  • Maintenance manual explaining the addition and modification of DC equipment / racks.
  • Cabling based on ISO management standards in order to manage our data center to the highest professional level.

Ultimately, the data centers renovation is a continuous process to minimizes the risk of downtime and also enhances the overall efficiency of the data center.


As a long-standing educational institution, we create data storage and sharing every day and every year. Increasing the amount of data makes it imperative for us to properly mark and protect this data, which is critical to our business.
UOS ITC is pleased to assist users with the introduction of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) technology to help them know, protect, and prevent data loss, and most importantly not affect their movement and productivity.
DLP is using data labeling or classification to Public, Internal & conditional. End user can label their data on outlook or office app. These labeling will enable users to apply the required protection such as encryption or privileges that will not allow unauthorized users from accessing their data. or even share it with others by emails or even printing. This feature is coming soon, and it will support you to protect your confidential information.


The Identity and Access Management (IAM) program objectives are developing and maintaining governance over the university’s critical services and systems by engaging with stakeholders and business owners, defining, communicating and enforcing access policies, and controlling risks by managing identity life cycles of entities such as people, services, and robots.
IAM has many streams including but not limited to the following:
  • HR
  • Alumni Account Management
  • Banner Access Management
  • Active Directory Management
  • Dental Management System (AxiUm)



Web application firewall exclusively check and protect any breech on UOS critical public facing web services. Dedicated Web application services firewall has capability to detect user behavior and transaction patterns. More sophisticated rules are being planned soon.


University IT established 34 policies and procedures. These are based on ISO 27001 and ITIL based standrads. This ensure sufficient governance for IT services. For Example Change management is now formalized with specific approval process. Access management, Email security, Web development etc are now with proper policies. IT is working to establish detailed procedures. Regular Sessions maked IT admin familiarizes


IT is regularly testing and ensuring that all services are available with sufficient data backup. RTO (recovery time objective) and Recovery point objective for critical services are being aligned to ensure service expectations.

Project Year 2020/2021

Banner Upgrade

The technical currency of the core business systems needs to be maintained on an on-going basis. This has been neglected since around 2013 so much-needed upgrades are in progress. The migration of the Banner eco-system to the Ellucian/AWS cloud was the first step in 2018-2019 in achieving technical currency – the migration included a mandatory upgrade to a more recent Banner 8 version. Upgrade to Banner 9 moved the UoS to the most up-to-date releases and enabled the University to take advantage of up-to-the-minute features and functionality. The end result of this project was a Banner 9 technical platform from which the business units will be able to take advantage of the latest functionality through the project's realization initiatives.
Banner Upgrade

Argos Reporting Project

The Evisions Argos reporting solution is an enterprise reporting application designed for Higher Education. It integrates with Banner and other data sources to deliver the information necessary to make timely, better-informed decisions. It is flexible, powerful, and easy-to-use and facilitates the standardization of data elements across the enterprise. The project was initiated and completed in 2018-2019 and since completion of the work, the University administration had a consolidated reporting mechanism across the business units and a well-trained staff to develop and maintain operational reports effectively and efficiently with consistency in the use and interpretation of the data. Business users developed hundreds of reports using the Argos tool.
Argos Reporting Project

Banner Workflow Project

Banner Workflow is a process management engine that is designed to work with Ellucian’s Banner ERP modules, namely Banner Student and Banner Finance at the University of Sharjah. There were two main drivers for introducing Banner Workflow at the University in 2018-2019:
  1. The University currently has a high number of Banner customizations which are expensive and cumbersome to maintain. Additionally, these customizations significantly complicate technical upgrades of the system to the extent that Banner has not been upgraded since 2013. Banner Workflow functionality was planned to significantly help in the elimination/reduction of customizations by providing baseline functionality to effectively manage process flows.
  2. Banner Workflow provides the functionality to allow existing manual processes to be automated, as well as to improve the efficiency of semi-automated processes.

Banner Workflow Project

UOS Go Mobile App Project

The Ellucian Mobile Foundation services are designed to provide the university with an institutional branded version of Ellucian mobile. The University named its UOS Go 2018-2019. Ellucian Mobile helps students stay connected to the University like never before. Students should have access to great features that make their campus experience more effective, more efficient, and more fun. Ellucian Mobile is a valuable application as it is connected with the core students Banner system and allows students to check academic information, news, campus map, calendar, and apply for all University services.
UOS Go Mobile App Project

Lab simulation solutions

The University of Sharjah has initiated a project to convert the scientific laboratories at the university into digital laboratories remotely in order to ensure the continuation of the educational process and the keenness of the university administration to improve the learning process and put students at the highest levels of readiness to keep pace with the challenges and digital transformations that suit the labor market and innovation in the scientific and research community.

The university provided a set of digital laboratories that allow students and faculty members to work in virtual laboratories and obtain accurate practical results in addition to linking these laboratories to the Blackboard educational platform and enabling teachers of these courses to obtain reports and results within the university’s digital educational platform Blackboard, where the Students log in to this digital platform Blackboard and perform their laboratory duties remotely and save their work within the Blackboard, The laboratories include most of the science colleges such as Faculties of Medicine, Engineering and Sciences.
Lab simulation solutions

Blackboard Upgrade and Ultra

Blackboard Learn is the course management system utilized in the university of Sharjah. In September 2020-2021, Blackboard LMS was upgraded to the new Ultra Experience. This is the most significant update to Blackboard, which includes a redesigned landing page, and Ultra Course View that provides a simple, streamlined course experience for Faculty and students.

The new Ultra Experience provides a modern look and feel, intuitive workflows, and an improved mobile experience. In addition, the new interface offers powerful tools like the Activity Stream and institution page that consolidate the need for the best teaching experience. Everyone will experience the change and improvements. The updated Ultra Course View is modern, intuitive, and easy to use. Grading is streamlined, content is quicker to build, and it is easier than ever for students and faculty to connect with one another.
Blackboard Upgrade and Ultra

Faculty Evaluation System

Faculty evaluation is a workflow-based system where all the faculty submit their request for their annual evaluation to the department chair and dean, after the approval from the dean and chair its goes to the central committee for the last stage. Based on the evaluation the University of Sharjah extends faculty contracts.
Faculty Evaluation System