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Internet and Wireless

User Accounts
The number of users reached the level of 15,000 users, as the user base grows the University is rapidly growing and so should the Infrastructure behind it.

All faculty, students and staff receive a User ID which is a credential that provides access to various electronic resources provided by the university. Examples of these resources are e-mail, web folder, employee portal, etc.

Email Services
Information Technology Center offers all faculty, staff and students access to an e-mail box via Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Web Access. Information Technology Center provides calendaring, and messaging infrastructure to University of Sharjah community. The service provides spam filtering, Microsoft Exchange, POP/IMAP email services, email forwarding and Webmail. Exchange accounts provide email, calendaring and scheduling, and other administrative activities (contact lists, to-do lists, tasks, etc.).

Campus Wide Network Services
Networked services are available all over the University campus through more than 25,000 Network sockets across the University campus and in the University branches; this enables the users to access resources with high bandwidth either from dedicated computer labs and administrative offices. Also University branches are also connected with the main campus through dedicated data links.

Wireless Network
Consistent and reliable wireless network infrastructure is available at the University of Sharjah main campus and all University branches; we are always assuming the responsibility for providing wireless network connectivity and establishing standards for network electronics.

The number of wireless access points crossed the 700 barrier this year when we expanded the wireless service to cover all the University branches.

 Advanced Telephone Services
We offer state of the art Telecom solutions to the University community, more than 4700 telephone sets were deployed in the University campus, these services include digital, analog phone services, IP phones and SIP supported service. These services are available for faculty, students and staff within the University campus.

 Data Center
In general the data center systems provide access to the Internet and e-mail, and house the data and software required for administrative packages as well as fulfilling other faculty, students and staff uses. In order to utilize these services, network/email accounts and storage spaces (Web folder) are given to users with appropriate privileges on network resources.

The powerful data center was built 13 years ago with growth in mind; it provides services to all University community through a high quality fiber-optic infrastructure which stretches across more than 65 University buildings.

Information Technology Security
Information Technology Center ensures security of users and desktops across the University of Sharjah Campus. It provides general security consulting on applications, hardware, software, network security, security tools and techniques. This service includes Firewall maintenance, risk assessment, security software support, and vulnerability detection and prevention.