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Online Learning System (Blackboard)
This service is available to all University of Sharjah faculty and students. It provides e-learning platform enabling an online instructor-friendly course management and student-centric learning environment.

Online Learning System aims to facilitate web-enabled learning and comprises of online course management platform, online learning collaboration tools, online assignment submission system and online tests and evaluations. The system currently holds more than (1644) courses and the system utilization reached more than 90 % last academic year.

Online CD Resources
Online CD Resources is available to the University of Sharjah community and gives access to many applications and multimedia resources through online CD resources accessible through the MyUOS Portal.

MyUOS Portal
The University of Sharjah Portal (MyUOS) provides all University of Sharjah community with access to a gateway of various personalized web-tools. This service is available to all University of Sharjah community users with active accounts.

MyUOS portal provides a secure centralized location to access all the online services available at the University, in addition to a collection of information targeted to faculty, students and staff members.

Classroom Technologies
Classroom Technologies provides leading support activities to users for all scheduled-classrooms' facilities and computer labs. Information Technology Center provides multimedia solutions that can offer new ways of teaching and improve the academic use of technology.

We have more than 240 classrooms with custom made Multimedia units, which enable the faculty members to present all sorts of media contents at any of the classrooms.

It is also responsible for keeping the services up and running by providing the necessary technical support and preventive maintenance. Immediate support is offered to faculty using technology in the classrooms during all instructional hours.

Personal Web Folders
Information Technology Center offers storage space for University users. This service enables users to access their files remotely from any location through the Internet, this service is provided for all faculty, students and staff with a User ID. 

Plagiarism Detection Tool
This service is available to the University of Sharjah learning environment through the Online learning system. It enables checking of originality of student submissions and research work, by facilitating detection of the amount of plagiarism present in submitted work.

Content Management System
Content Management System is based on the latest technologies from Microsoft Share point that enables colleges and administrative departments to manage and update their web content in an easy, independent and fast way. There are other such services: Custom Web Solutions when there is a need to build special modules to facilitate submitting, receiving and managing information, Special Purpose Collaborative Portal to provide a group of people with multiple online collaborative tools like shared calendar, shared doc ...etc. Additionally, Special purpose websites for research groups, students unions, clubs in order to represent their activities online.

Course Design Tools
This is an authoring tool for University of Sharjah faculty to facilitate course ware design to produce rich interactive learning media for online delivery.