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Whats New

Fall 2017-2018 - Blackboard Instructor App
By Fall 2017-2018, UOS had licensed Blackboard Instructor App, an app that enables instructors to view course content, connect with students in discussions and interact with them class in Blackboard Collaborate. The app is available on iOS and Android mobile devices. More information can be found in support site.

Fall 2017-2018 - Blackboard Student App
By Fall 2017-2018, UOS had licensed Blackboard Student App, an app that is designed especially for students to view content and participate in courses. The app is available on iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices. More information can be found in support site.

Fall 2017-2018 - Launching Blackboard Collaborate Ultra tool
By Fall 2017-2018, UOS had licensed Blackboard Collaborate tool, a web conferencing platform designed specifically for education providing web conferencing tool for Courses, virtual meeting rooms, mobile collaboration, instant messaging, and voice authoring capabilities. More information can be found in support site.

Fall 2017-2018 - Upgrading to Blackboard Q4 2016
Blackboard system is updated to release Q4 2016 at beginning of Fall 2017-2018. This upgrade provided new features and enhancements that addresses some of the instructors needs received earlier
  • A new look & feel with an improved mobile experience
  • Drag and drop files into content areas
  • Assignment submission receipts
  • Missing coursework reminders
  • Course activity reports per groups

Spring 2016-2017 - Medical Diagnostic Imaging e-portfolio
The Medical Diagnostic Imaging (MDI) Department has launched the Clinical Practice E-Portfolio system that is embedded in the currently used Blackboard. The E-Portfolio enables online assessment and communication seamlessly with the training students through the use of assignment, tests, and discussion board tools. Further, online badges were adopted using the achievement tool. The use of portfolios as learning and assessment tools in undergraduate medical education has become more widespread and it encourage a deeper learning experience.

Fall 2016-2017 - Online Major Exams
By Fall 2016-2017, UOS started to host major exams (midterms, finals) through Blackboard online tests tool. Tests were designed to ensure higher security, time control and random order of questions in order to lower any risks of cheating. The online tests solution provided the following benefits:
  • Eliminated the paperwork associated with preparing major exams
  • Provided automated grading and digital recoding for students attempts
  • Reduced the required number of invigilators

Fall 2016-2017 - Splitting Courses as Per Section (CRN)
Following best practices of Blackboard course management, all Blackboard courses started from Fall 2016-2017 are added without keeping old materials in the same course. Further, a separate course link is provided for each section (CRN). To ease coping material, old courses will be kept open. With this system upgrade, students are now able to refer to the material of their taken courses through Blackboard.

Summer 2013-2014 - Managing Internship Forms through Blackboard 
In collaboration with Career Advising and Students Training Office (CASTO), during Summer 2013-2014, the process of submitting internship forms and monitoring students progress had been moved from paper-based to online approach using Blackboard. The use of Blackboard to manage the internship process provided a seamless way to communicate with students and assess their training progress. Further, it allows for digital recording of students submitted assessments.

Spring 2011-2012 - Upgrade Blackboard to Blackboard Learn 9.1 Project 
Before Spring Semester 2012, the Blackboard Learning Management System was upgraded from the Blackboard Academic Suite Version 8 to Blackboard Learn 9.1 SP 7. Several new features were added to the system, including drag and drop interface, easily Accessible Control Panel, Contextual Menus.
The Project Team successfully released the new version of Blackboard on Jan 15, 2012 after  two-months of planning and preparation.
The Blackboard System Infrastructure was upgraded with up-to-date technologies as the Blackboard server was upgraded to the windows server 2008 and the database was upgraded to MS SQL server 2008 in 64 bit environment

Summer 2011-2012 - Blackboard Mobile

The Blackboard Mobile Service was conducted at the end of the Spring Semester and Summer 2011-2012 as a pilot project. It allows students and faculty members to access all their blackboard courses through their smart phones (Blackberry, Apple iPad and iPhone.) anytime and anywhere.

The project aims to study the Blackboard Mobile System within a learning environment from the academic users’ perspective and assess the ease of adaptation with Blackboard Mobile.

Spring 2011-2012 - Email Notifications Service

The Email Notification Service enables all course enrollment in the Blackboard System. The system notifies users through the notification board and through their UOS emails once an announcement or content is added to the course. This service has definitely increased use of the system and enabled students to be aware of all course changes once they happen.

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