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Registration Procedures

The service offered by the University of Sharjah Disability Resource Center are obtainable through the following steps:

Step 1: Registration and submission of disability documentation

  • The person with the disability, or the custodian, should adhere to the following:
    1. Requesting opening the file for registration at the University of Sharjah Disability Resource Center.
    2. Completion of all personal data and information of the person with the disability.
    3. Submitting the documented evidence establishing the disability and which warrants obtaining the services offered by the Center.
    4. Submitting the request and stating the appropriate and reasonable services.
  • The Center will:
    1. conduct an initial review of the documents to ensure their completion;
    2. contact the person with the disability or the custodian, should there be a need for further information or reports;
    3. open a file for the person with the disability.

Step 2: Review of Documentation

  • Upon completion of all necessary information, the Center’s competent staff will review the documents to determine whether they meet the criteria.

Step 3: Taking the Decision

  • Upon examining the reports, documents, and information of the disability by the competent staff at the Center, the Center decides whether the disabled person is eligible for the requested accommodation.
  • The person with the disability will be contacted and informed of the decision within two weeks of the date of the registration request.
  • In the event that the Center denies a request, the applicant may ask for justifications of such denial and that the request is reconsidered stating the grounds for reconsideration.

Step 4: Interview with the Center’s Competent Staff

  • When a disabled person’s request for obtaining the services offered by the Center is approved, another interview will be appointed for him with the Center’s Competent Staff in order to discuss the condition and get further information about appropriate services. The interview will cover the following:
    1. A discussion with the disabled person, or the custodian, of the services provided.
    2. The disabled person’s objectives.
    3. The disabled person’s level of motivation or willingness for learning and receiving the services.
    4. Recommendations and modifications he deems necessary for success at the program.
    5. Description of the disability impact upon his university life and academic performance.
    6. The medical history relevant to the disability, and the physical, mental and social problems.
    7. The weaknesses he suffered from during the past educational stages.
    8. The support and accommodations he received in the past.
    9. The current accommodations and support available at the University and to what extent they meet his needs.

Step 5: Preparing an Individual Development Plan

  • A written academic and administrative plan including the strategies for providing teaching and support during midterm and final exams will be prepared for each disabled person eligible for the services.
  • The plan will include all the information relevant to the disabled person, the academic support services, educational activities appropriate for the type and level of the disability, the services, and facilities necessary for providing the disabled person with access to all facilities, services, and activities at the University.
  • The plan will be prepared by the Center’s competent staff in cooperation with the concerned disabled person.