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Upon directives of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council, Ruler of Sharjah and President of the University of Sharjah, the Disability Resource Center was established by virtue of the decision no. 299 of 2013-2014 as an independent center concerned with people with disabilities’ affairs. The Center is intended to be a source of support for people with disabilities, which assumes the responsibility of inclusion, integration, and empowerment. To achieve this goal, the Center employs a comprehensive and an integrated work system that takes care of people with disabilities from the time of their enrollment in the University and continues well beyond their graduation. 

Objectives of the Center:

  1. Creating a suitable environment to guarantee that people with disabilities enjoy all of their rights as stipulated in relevant federal laws and the laws of Sharjah.
  2. Facilitating the chances for people with disabilities to obtain a university education and paving the way towards achieving the highest levels of university education.
  3. Diagnosing methods of teaching and presenting the curriculum in a simplified manner to achieve learning objectives.
  4. Creating activities and learning opportunities to improve the university environment at the personal, educational and professional levels for people with disabilities.
  5. Promoting respect for the dignity of people with disabilities who join the university.
  6. Protecting people with disabilities from all forms of discrimination, abuse, negligence or exploitation.
  7. Integrating people with disabilities in the university community, helping them adapt to university life and providing them with support to become active members.
  8. Reaching the highest levels of competence in the objective evaluation and professional integration in all aspects in accordance with privacy, confidentiality and evaluation regulations.

Policy of the Center:

  1. Confirming students with disabilities’ full right and the ability to receive higher education.
  2. Following all necessary procedures that guarantee the right for the students with disabilities to receive a university education.
  3. Sustainable planning with the aim of supplying educational resources and university facilities appropriate for all types of disabilities.
  4. Evaluating the University facilities in accordance with international standards in this respect.
  5. Opposing all forms of discrimination.
  6. Sorting disabilities according to their types in accordance with valid disability ID cards issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs. Students whose disability ID cards are pending issuance or renewal must present a letter from the Ministry or a Ministry of Health-attested medical report proving the type of disability.
  7. Respecting students with disabilities’ privacy and safeguarding the confidentiality of any information presented by them. However, in the event of presenting a written request from the UOS departments concerned with supplying academic support services; or from competent bodies based upon ascertained legitimate grounds, DRC director shall have the right to disclose the required information.
  8. Safeguarding the confidentiality of disabled students’ personal files at DRC and refraining from disclosing them to any party without the written approval of the concerned student.
  9. Providing support to students with disabilities through the most effective methods.
  10. Hiring specialized professionals and ensuring their appropriate treatment of the students with disabilities in accordance with applicable rules.
  11. Full use of all the center’s resources in order to achieve the goals.
  12. Creating channels with the University’s colleges, institutes, centers, administrative departments and Deanship of Student Affairs for constant communication and consultation with the aim of providing the best educational and development programs and services to students with disabilities.
  13. Ensuring faculty and staff members’ contribution to the implementation of the support presented by the center to the students with disabilities.
  14. Facilitating students with disabilities communication with the various departments and colleges of the University.
  15. Guaranteeing students with disabilities’ right of objection against the methods of support. Such objection shall be made to the Director of DRC; and, if the solution is not satisfactory, to the Chancellor.
  16. Establishing partnership, activating exchange of expertise and consultation and developing sustainable cooperation with the Sharjah City.
  17. Supporting communication and exchange of expertise with local and international entities, institutions, centers and associations concerned with students with disabilities.

Duties of the Center:

  1. Implementing policies, plans, and initiatives pertaining to protecting the rights of people with disabilities and ensuring the enjoyment of their rights in accordance with the applicable legislations and in coordination with the city of Sharjah.
  2. Achieving the objectives stipulated in the bylaws:
  3. Spreading the culture of disability inside and outside the 3commmunity of the university.
  4. Opening and keeping an electronic record which includes all information about all people with disabilities who are registered in the center since the beginning of their study at the university until they graduate.
  5. Providing support and counseling for people with disabilities.
  6. Evaluating the level of the services provided by the center for people with disabilities.
  7. Receiving complaints from people with disabilities and referring them to different deanships and university administrations as well as following up in order to know the measurements to be and actions to be taken.
  8. Representing people with disabilities before the community to defend their rights as stipulated herein.
  9. Monitoring the academic performance and level of students with disabilities and ensuring the effectiveness of the learning process.
  10. Determining the jobs that are suitable for people with disabilities and measuring the effectiveness of his/her work placement.
  11. Supporting people with disabilities through finding for them suitable job opportunities inside and outside the university.
  12. Establishing open channels of communications between the Alumni Association of the university and people with disabilities to provide career counseling and guidance for graduates with disabilities.
  13. Organizing conferences, seminars, and workshops related to the affairs of people of disabilities inside the university and participating in similar events that are held outside the university.
  14. Promoting the culture of volunteer work in the center and the community.

Our Branches:

  1. Main Branch: Men’s Colleges - Resource Rooms
  2. Main Branch: Women’s Colleges - Resource Rooms
  3. Khorfakkan Branch - Resource Rooms
  4. Kalba Branch - Resource Rooms

DRC Sections and Units

  • Disability Affairs Section
    • Support Services Unit
    • Disability Public Relations Unit
    • Disability Transportation Unit
  • Disability System Management Section
  • Interpretation Services
  • Counseling Section
    • Diagnostic and Evaluation Unit
  • Development Section
    • Program Development Unit
    • Learning Unit
    • Research & Quality Management Unit

  • For consultation and inquiries:

    Disability Resource Center
    Tel.: 06-5053028