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Disability Authentication

First: Criteria for Documenting a Disability and Provision of Services

Provision of services and relevant facilities for the people with disabilities is contingent on documenting a disability and its nature and level as per specific the below mentioned criteria that must be met by the documents and reports of disabilities of all types.

  • The report must be recent (issued within two years prior to the date of registration).
  • A licensed specialist (a physician, a psychiatrist, a mental health clinician, a neurologist, and other specialists qualified in the field of disabilities) should have prepared the report.
  • The report must indicate the name, profession and contact details of the diagnostician and the date of diagnosis or test. All documents and reports must be issued on official papers with dates, signatures, and stamps.
  • The report must state the tools, measurements, and types of tests conducted to diagnose the condition and the date of tests.
  • The report must include the medical history, the family medical history, the psychological and educational tests, secondary school teacher notes, etc.
  • The diagnostic report must state the category and type of the condition, its level, and impact.
  • The report must include a description of the current symptom and how long they continue (whether they are temporary or continuing).
  • The report must describe and specify the developments or changes occurred during the last three years.
  • The report must explain the current job performance and the impact of the disability upon such performance (e.g. major life activities, attention, and concentration, attending lectures, adhering to the dates of submitting assignments and attending exams, class participation, working individually or within a group, time organization, engagement in activities and events, etc.).
  • The report must state weaknesses during the educational stages, how they were identified and measured.
  • The report must indicate side effects of medications and treatment on the academic performance and achievement.
  • The report must include recommendations regarding required modifications and services based upon clinical tests and observations.
  • The disability ID card (if available) must be valid.
  • All documents and reports must be accompanied by a certified Arabic translation.

Second: The Center shall have the right of the following:

  • Requesting documents that prove receiving services during the secondary education stage.
  • Requesting carrying out tests if the reports, modifications, and services required at the general secondary stage are not clearly and precisely indicated.
  • Admitting the people with obvious disabilities.
  • Suspension or refusal of granting services and support accommodations in the event that the documents submitted do not meet the requirements and criteria set by the Center, or, at the discretion of the Center’s competent staff, that the disability does not need such services.