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Communications Portal

In line with the DRC’s endeavor to achieve excellence and due to its keenness on opening channels of communication with its beneficiaries to learn more about their needs and implement their suggestions, this portal was designed. The aim of this portal is to serve as an effective channel through which the strategic goals of the center could be achieved by receiving suggestions and feedback, process them and benefit from them to achieve the highest level of satisfaction with the services provided, simplify procedures and improve the performance level of the center’s employees.

Welcome to the communication portal of DRC. You can take part by clicking on any of the items below:

If you have any innovative and creative ideas that would elevate the level of the center’s services, you can click the button below.
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Thank us
If you were very satisfied with the level of services provided by the DRC and wish to thank us or any of our staff members, click on the button below.
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If you have any questions or inquiries, you can do so by clicking on the button below.
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Feedback and complaints
If you have any concerns or complaints, you can tell us by clicking on the button below.
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