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Launching the Interactive Platform for Procurement Statistics in the University of Sharjah Laboratories

Online 14 FEB 202210 AM

The Central Laboratories Department, under the supervision of the Deanship of Academic Support Services, has launched an interactive platform for procurement statistics in the laboratories of the University of Sharjah, through which detailed statistics on procurement for the relevant colleges and research institutes are provided, as it includes information on all their purchases over a period of 3 years (the current year + the previous two years) through a Central Labs system database that is updated every 24 hours.

Where the engineer Mahmoud Abu Shammeh, Director of the central laboratories, and the technical support team, made a detailed explanation of how to use the platform for all concerned, including laboratory supervisors, members of the academic staff, and researchers. All attendees noted the importance of this project and the information it provides to them that will help them in effective planning. They thanked the Central Laboratories Department for the services it always provides to facilitate their work.

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