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Child Care Policy

Personal Hygiene
Since the personal hygiene of children is considered a priority of the Nursery administration, the following apply:

  • There are regular times during the day to use the bathrooms and change diapers, or upon need, for younger children.
  • Children are given time and encouraged to wash their hands before and after they eat and after using the bathroom.
  • Parents/guardians are required to do the following on a regular basis: trim their children’s nails and clean their ears.
  • The Nursery has the policy of returning children’s belongings, including bed sheets, to the parents/guardians at the end of each week to be returned to the Nursery at the beginning of the next week with parents/guardians making sure that the child’s name appears clearly on them.
Keeping the Bulding Clean

  • Cleaning women from a cleaning company clean the entire Nursery at least twice daily with disinfectant and under the supervision of the management and Nursery staff.
  • Air conditioning filters in the Nursery are cleaned by a specialized division from the University management four times a year.
  • The Nursery’s water tanks are cleaned by the University management twice a year.
  • Outside gutters are cleaned and bug/pest controls are applied regularly by the University management.
Meal Policy
  • The Nursery encourages children to eat healthy nutritious food.
  • The Nursery provides dates or bakery goods stuffed with dates to children daily.
  • Junk food is strictly forbidden including: soft drinks, sugar, chocolate, chips, processed potatoes, and gum (chewing gum).
  • Please make sure that all food is fresh or not expired, especially canned goods.
  • Do not bring foods that spoil easily such as eggs or mayonnaise.​
Resting and Nap Policy
  • The Nursery management sets a daily schedule for resting and napping for the health of the body and mind of children in our care.
  • Children above the infant age are provided mattresses and infants are given a bed and mattress.
  • Parents/guardians are required to provide a mattress cover, blanket and pillow with the child’s name written clearly on them.
  • At the end of the week the children’s belongings are given to the parents/guardians to be washed and returned to the person in charge at the beginning of the week, making sure that the child’s name appears clearly on them.
  • Napping areas are somewhat dark and have good ventilation, heat and AC, as appropriate for summer or winter, and Quran tapes or calm music are played.
Privacy Policy
  • The UOS Nursery maintains the privacy of all information related to children enrolled in the Nursery and their parents/guardians. No personal information is provided to any other party without advance written permission unless for legal cases.
  • The UOS Nursery reserves the right to delete, amend or add information to its web pages from time to time.​