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Training Stages

First phase: Before Training

  • Receive your official acceptance from the Training Site with details of your training start/end date, information of person in charge (name, job title, email and direct number).
  • Register for the "Training Course" in Banner.

Second phase: During the Training

  • Start your training as agreed.

On Taskstream

  • Upload your Guardian's Acceptance Form. (for female students only)
  • Fill-in the company details under "Training Site Information".
  • Upload a copy of your acceptance letter.
  • Upload a copy of the approval letter from the company to begin training before or after the course. (if applicable)
  • Fill-in the " Weekly reports" by end of each training week.
  • Complete the "Student Evaluation of Training" a week before the end of your training period. 
  • Submit the signed and stamped "Site Supervisor Evaluation" form at the end of the training period. 
  • Prepare your "Final Report" (if required) and upload it at the end of the training.


Important information

  • Adhere to the official working hours.
  • Positively represent the UoS and adhere to work ethics.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of information.
  • Inform your Academic or Site Supervisor about any problems encountered during the training.
  • Do not be absent. In case there is any emergency, you need to take permission from both Academic and Site Supervisor.
  • You may address a "thank you letter" to the Site Supervisor after completion.
  • There might be a request to prepare a presentation on your final report for your department.


Note: Your are NOT permitted to change your training organization after getting written acceptance.