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Training Stages

Initial stage

Start searching for a good placement that will cater to your major. It is always good to get the advice of your Academic Advisor to ensure that you are on track.

You may begin your search by:

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First phase: Before Training

Receive your official acceptance from the Training Site with details of your training start/end date, information of the person in charge (name, job title, email, and direct number).

Register for the "Training Course" in Banner.

Second phase: During the Training

Start your training as agreed upon.

Upload your report on Taskstream

  • Upload a copy of your acceptance letter.
  • Upload your Guardian's Acceptance Form (for female students training on-site/hybrid only)
  • Fill in the company details under "Training Site Information".
  • Upload a copy of the approval exemption letter from the company to begin training before or after the course. (if applicable)
  • Fill in the " Weekly reports" by end of each training week.
  • Complete the "Student Evaluation of Training" a week before the end of your training period.
  • Submit the signed and stamped "Site Supervisor Evaluation" form at the end of the training period.
  • Prepare your "Final Report" (if required) and upload it at the end of the training.

Important information

  • Adhere to the official working hours.
  • Positively represent the UoS and adhere to work ethics.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of information.
  • Inform your Academic or Site Supervisor about any problems encountered during the training.
  • Do not be absent. In case there is an emergency, you need to take permission from both the Academic and Site Supervisor.
  • You may address a "thank you letter" to the Site Supervisor after completion.
  • There might be a request to prepare a presentation on your final report for your department.

Note: You are NOT permitted to change your training organization after getting written acceptance.