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Outgoing Students


  • Minimum GPA of 2.5 and above or good standing from 3rd or 4th year level from bachelor’s degree or master’s degree (at the time of sending your nomination)
  • Enrolled full-time student during the entire internship – student enrollment document is required.
  • Age of 19 – 30 during the internship.
  • Accredited university in UAE.
  • Special requirements for certain countries – depending on the offer.

Required Documents

​Nomination document
​Template available in Stage 3

Ensure that the document is typed and not handwritten. You must abide by the desired training duration as stated in the offer. No mistakes should be done whilst filling the training period; ensure that the minimum/maximum weeks are abode. The reference number should be the same as stated in the offer. For eg: DK-XXX-XXX.

Resume Writing Guidelines 
​Cover Letter Writing
Effective cover letter writing
​Official Academic Transcript
​Request from Registration Department
Certificate of enrollment
(To Whom It May Concern Certificate)
Request online from UDC ensure that you request for the comment section that the language is in English and when you are expected to graduate.

Note: You are required to be enrolled for the ENTIRE duration of your training.

​English Assessment document
​Template available in Stage 2 of Application Process.
You will need to be assessed by the English Language Center, if you are a student of UoS, kindly approach Dr. Amira Traish ( for University of Sharjah students.
For other Universities, please contact your English Language Center.
​Guardian Consent form (Females only)
Template available in Stage 2 of Application Process
​Sponsor approval letter
​Only for students sponsored by a company
​Recommendation letters
​2 letters from your lecturers or from your previous work placement. Addressed generally.
​Passport copy
​Clearly scanned as PDF. 
No need to include the UAE residency page.
​Applicable for Architecture and Interior Design students
​Passport photo
​Only white background, a professionally taken picture

Financial Obligations

​To apply for IAESTE 
​For 2023, there will be a nomination fees of AED 315.00 (inclusive of VAT, non refundable) for our office to proceed with your nomination. 
​Once you are accepted

​You will have to pay for your own travel costs:

-Air tickets
-Visa charges


​Paid internship
​All internships are paid a stipend, usually enough for you to cover your stay (living) and accommodation. However, it is advisable to bring enough cash until you receive your first payment.
For virtual/remote training, please note that most offers are unpaid.


Depending on the offer, the minimum and maximum weeks are stated in the offer. Most of the internships may begin in June for 4 weeks, and it can be up to 52 weeks. Note that the duration and the period stated in the offer cannot be changed, hence, when you do nominate yourself, ensure that you abide by the training dates.

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