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International Training (IAESTE) Jobs

Offer NumberCountrySpecializationJob Status
RS-2021-1172 (AC) Serbia Computer Science, Mathematics Closed
RS-2021-1161 (AC) Serbia Mechanical Engineering Closed
BR-2021-530-BAU (AC - Remote or On-site) Brazil International Relations Closed
BY-2021-3-BSUIR (AC) Belarus Electrical Engineering, Energy Engineering Closed
SY-2021-IUS-R105 (AC-Remote) Syria Business Management Closed
TR-2021-026-ITU (AC) Turkey Architecture Closed
DE-2021-1104-3 (AC) Germany Computer Science Closed
DE-2021-1024-1 (AC) Germany Chemistry, Chemcial Engineering Closed
TR-2021-034-ITU (AC) Turkey Graphic Design Closed
TR-2021-018-YIL (AC) Turkey Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering Closed
TR-2021-007-ODTU (AC) Turkey Computer Engineering, Computer Science Closed
TR-2021-003-MEF (AC) Turkey Electrical Engineering Closed
TR-2021-055-ITU (AC) Turkey Interior Design Closed
IN-2021-D1419-MJ (AC - Remote or Onsite) India Electical, Mechanical and Chemical Engineering Closed
JO-2021-215-JU (AC) Jordan Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Closed
AT-2021-2004GR (AC) Austria Computer Science Closed
PK-2021-CS-06 (AC-Remote) Pakistan Computer Science Closed
UK-2021-NI-128 (AC-Remote) United Kingdom Pharmacy Closed
BD-2021-GTE-12 (AC-Remote) Bangladesh Mechanical Engineering Closed
ES-2021-3502 (AC) Spain Civil Engineering Closed
CZ-2021-030002 (AC) Czech Republic Mechanical Engineering Closed
CH-2021-000048 (AC) Switzerland Architecture Closed
BR-2021-014-CEF (AC) Brazil Architecture, Civil Engineering Closed
BE-2021-018UGE (AC) Belgium Computer Science Closed
TN-2021-8111-GD (AC) Tunisia Computer Science, Computer Graphics Closed
PT-2021-22 (AC) Portugal Computer Science Closed
PL-2021-PRZ003 (AC) Poland Civil Engineering Closed
PL-2021-PPO002 (AC) Poland Computer Science, Electrical Engineering Closed
PL-2021-PGD017 (AC) Poland Architecture Closed
MK-2021-SK-12 (AC) Macedonia Architecture, Civil Engineering Closed
SY-2021-ALE-0002 (COBE) Syria Electrical Engineering Closed
BD-2021-GTE-03 (COBE) Bangladesh Mechanical Engineering Closed
NG-2021-LOS-21B (COBE) Nigeria Business Management Closed
IN-2021-E4003-SU (COBE-Remote) India Chemistry, Chemical Engineering Closed
IN-2021-E1404-SU (COBE-Remote) India Chemistry, Chemical Engineering Closed
IN-2021-D1422-MJ (COBE) India Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Closed
IN-2021-A4005-JC (COBE - Remote) India Chemistry, Chemical Engineering Closed
CH-2021-000240 (COBE) Switzerland Business Management Closed