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IAESTE Application Process

IAESTE 2023 is now closed.​

For IAESTE 2024, registration will begin from DECEMBER 2023.

Stage 1: Online Registration

Online registration should be filled in correctly and precisely. Use only your University email ID as your email correspondence. Once you submit your registration, you should receive an email notification. Please check your junk/spam if you do not receive anything.

Stage 2:  Submission Stage

Please note that the eligibility criteria stand a weight whilst considering your application. We will not consider your application for any offer should you not meet the criteria. Hence, it is your responsibility to read and understand the criteria stated. 

Once it's cleared/approved from our end, you will receive a unique code via the email that you registered. It might take 2-3 working days to receive the unique code. Ensure that the documents uploaded are of good and clear quality and abide by the format required. All the documents' information (templates, format, etc) are available in stage 2 and here.

With the unique code, you may update your documents from time to time so you can update your profile gradually. So you may begin right away!

What documents do you need to upload, and what is the format? Click here to know more. 

Stage 3: Offers.

You may apply for the offers deemed fit and suitable for you. Use your Unique code to upload the cover letter and nomination form.

There are 3 types of offers in this stage:

1) AC (Annual Conference) offer: exclusive for IAESTE UAE only. The Conference will take place end of January, hence these offers will only be available for viewing in early February.

2) COBE (Continuous Online Based Exchange) offer: exchanged with other countries and will only close once all the countries submitted their nomination.

3) FCFS (First Come First Served) offer: exchanged with other countries and will close once the employer comes across the best applicant. So, you need to be quick! If you plan to apply for the offer, it is always advisable to contact IAESTE UAE to know if this offer is still available.

Note: If you see that the offer is closed, it means that we have sent out a nomination to the country or the offer is expired.

There will be a payment of AED 315.00 (inclusive of VAT), for those who will be nominated for the offer. Note: The payment shall be done within 24 hours using the payment link (which be shared with you in the email), if we do not receive the payment on-time, we will then proceed with another nominee.

How do we choose?

1 offer = 1 nomination. We will close the particular offer once we receive a good nomination. Therefore, we do not abide by the deadlines stated in the offer. You need to be quick to nominate yourself. If you see the offer closed, it means we have already sent the nomination from our end.