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Since 1948 IAESTE has been matching top, forward-thinking employers with the best science and engineering undergraduates from around the world for work experience. Our interns are talented, motivated and can make a real difference to your business.


Skilled Interns
Trainees with excellent communication skills (English is the working language for participation in the exchange program but other languages can be requested). IAESTE students bring an international dimension to the workplace as well as fresh ideas and different, often innovative perspectives.

Employer-led program
IAESTE is an employer-led program, meaning students are selected according to your requirements. You can stipulate criteria such as subject area; specialization; level of study; technical experience, language requirements, nationality, and duration. Cost-effective highly skilled workers for your business.

Host interns anytime
IAESTE trainees are ideally placed to carry out short-term projects and to help develop new business opportunities overseas. Students are carefully selected through a stringent, 3-tier selection process from a pool of over 1000 universities worldwide.

Intercultutal experience
Strengthen the intercultural competence of your team and enrich your daily working life. If your company is looking to expand into new international markets, IAESTE is a great way to build contacts and cultural links, as well as ambassadors for your company.

Professional IT Platform
IAESTE uses a professional IT platform and providing high-quality internships is our core field of activity. The whole process is maintained by the Exchange Platform which binds employers, universities, and students together giving a clear picture of the current situation for each party.

Student Pool

Access to a huge pool of Science, Engineering, and Applied Arts undergraduates and recent graduates, in over 1,000 universities from over 80 countries worldwide. An opportunity to learn about the culture and technological expertise of other countries.

How does it work for employers?

Step 1: Get in touch with us at
Step 2: Create an internship with our guidance
Step 3: Select a suitable candidate

Step 4: Benefit from internship

You handle the work, we handle everything else

Duration of the internship
Depending on your project, you may want interns for a short period (minimum 6 weeks) or for up to a year. You may even want to offer a job at the end of it. Whatever you need, we can help you find it.

Paying your intern
All IAESTE employers pay their interns a cost of living allowance which must cover, as a minimum, the intern's accommodation, food, and local travel costs.

Support from IAESTE
IAESTE supports employers every step of the way, from pre-filtering applications to supporting work permits/visas, accommodation, and reception.

Meeting your requirements
Our matching process enables us to find a student/s from our global pool of talented young people that exactly meets your requirements. This could be study field, specialization, geographical area, etc.