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Employing a Trainee

IAESTE is an employer-led program where students are selected according to your requirements, which can stipulate criteria such as: subject area; specialization; level of study; technical experience, language requirements and nationality.
IAESTE interns are ideally placed to carry out short-term projects and to help develop new business opportunities overseas.

Why take a foreign intern through IAESTE?

  • IAESTE interns are studying full-time degree courses in Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture or Applied Arts. They are highly motivated and hand-picked according to your requirements.
  • IAESTE students bring an international dimension to the workplace as well as fresh ideas and innovative perspectives.
  • You strengthen the intercultural competence of your team and enrich your daily working life.
  • If your company is looking to expand into new international markets, IAESTE is a great way to build contacts and cultural links, as well as ambassadors for your company.
  • IAESTE is a give-and-take program, so your offer of a placement for a foreign student guarantees a placement abroad for a UAE based student. These students gain great experience to put on their CVs and return with increased confidence and renewed enthusiasm for their field.

Employer led and hassle free process - what does the employer do ?

  • Employer stipulates criteria such as subject area, specialization, level of study, technical experience, language requirements and duration.
  • Employer provides a plan for the internship and supervison during the period
  • Employers are expected to pay interns sufficiet wage to cover their cost of living
  • Evaluation of the training at the end of the placement.

What kind of services does IAESTE provide?

IAESTE-UAE takes care of:
  • Student selection (subject to your approval)
  • All communication with sending country
  • Help with work permits and visas ifrequired
  • Reception
  • Accommodation
  • Summer Social Program
Hence, letting IAESTE-UAE take care of the details will leave you free to get the most out of the traineeship, while your intern will be socially integrated in the UAE.
How are the trainees selected?
  • Employers may specify the type of student they require, such as Faculty, Specialization, Level of study, Language abilities, etc.
  • The trainees will be hand-picked according to the employer’s criteria set out on the IAESTE offer form.
  • There will only be one nomination per offer of training, although employers may request more information or another candidate if the first is not suitable.


Placements are typically between six to eight consecutive weeks during September, October & November​. If desired, employers can request a longer training period. 
Living allowance

All IAESTE trainees must receive a cost of living allowance as pocket money to cover food and guarantee their involvement in cultural and social activities to allow them to benefit from living in the UAE.
Quality work placement

  • A solid job description describing, in as much detail as possible, the work the trainee will be expected to perform, will help manage expectations on both sides.
  • It is easier for all parties if a clear supervisor can be allocated for managing the student through the project, from the very beginning.
Please contact us for further information.