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Internship e-Portfolio

The internship e-portfolio is designed to allow students to record and archive different aspects of their learning experience during their practical training period. It acts as a creative platform for displaying student's work and documenting all the evidence related to this work. In this e-portfolio, students can attach documents, images, video files, and presentations that reflect their personal learning journey.

Also, it can be shared by students as their career e-portfolio when they apply for jobs. Moreover, it can be exported to a PDF Report so as to have an offline copy containing the entire record of a student's practical training experience.

The Office of Career Advising and Student Training is here to support you and hopes to make your practical training program a great one in both professional and personal development.

The internship e-portfolio ​​on Taskstream is the official training platform of the University of Sharjah for students who are undergoing their training. You DO NOT need to create accounts, as they will be created for you. You will receive an email from CASTO once the account has been created for you. 

Click on the logo below to access the internship e-portfolio (Taskstream):


To know how to use the internship e-portfolio (Taskstream) platform, please view the video.

You may also view the pdf files: