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Student Employment Program (SEP)

The Career Advising & Student Training Office (CASTO) at the University of Sharjah provides opportunities to enrolled students to work as part-timers within the campus through the Student Employment Program (SEP); it also builds a workforce that is ready to be called upon to serve the needs of the University community.

Students working part-time services in a wide variety of positions on campus. Those assisting you in the Admission Department & Registration Department are students working part-time. The Lab Assistants in dormitories labs, the organizing committees for conferences, workshops, and ceremonies, and the individuals calling graduates to update information on the alumni database, all are UOS students who are working part-time. The Sustainability Office hires SEP students to work on different projects and initiatives to enhance sustainability on campus.

Some of the benefits that students gain from part-time job opportunities offered through SEP are:

  • Job opportunities to gain experience and support their resume.
  • Financial support
  • Fostering minds who are enthusiastic and ready to assist out when called upon.
  • Attaining diverse practical skills including (setting priorities, time management, and work ethics).

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