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Transportation Unit

As part of the University’s compliance with offering quality services to its community, the Transport Section provides students with the best possible transportation services for their convenience. University, particularly dormitory students benefit from the services of this section.

First: Transport Section Services for Students:

1- Transportation services for students having off-campus training
2- Around-the-clock transportation services to Sharjah and Dubai airports for female dormitory students only
3- Weekly shopping service for dormitory students to different shopping centers as per a schedule
4- 24/7 transportation services in case of emergencies for female dormitory students to hospitals or medical centers as per the Dormitory Management’s directives
5- In-campus transportation by buses (from the dormitory to the medical colleges and College of Fine Arts and among the colleges) from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm as the following:

For female students:
a- From female dormitory (W13) to the colleges: One bus every 10 minutes
b- From the nurse housing complex and the medical colleges housing G to the medical and women’s colleges: One bus every 20 minutes
c- Inter-campus transportation: There is one bus every 10 minutes to transport female students between the colleges.
Waiting Areas: W7, W3, W1 and W2 roundabout
For male students:
a- From male dormitory to the medical colleges and College of Fine Arts and Design: One bus every one hour
b- From male student waiting areas at M1 and M2 to the colleges: One bus every 15 minutes

Second: Transport Section Services for faculty and staff members

1- Official visits and attending conferences by staff members
2- Transportation services for new faculty to complete their transactions for two weeks
3- Official visits and attending conferences by faculty members
4- Regular trips to Sharjah and Ajman for staff members (male and female)

a. Sharjah: Male staff members: Jamal Abdulnaser area, Rola, Qasimia
                 Female staff members: Maliha, Jamal Abdulnaser area, Rola
b. Ajman: Transportation services for male and female staff from Ajman to the University of Sharjah

5- Regular trips for faculty members from the housing complexes to the campus
6- Transportation services by cars for visitors and guests in coordination with concerned departments

Follow the link below to find out about bus stops:,55.4101699,13z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!6m1!1s1kHnqMb69XOFDJJVfZQy0cY3d-ZRUkQGu?entry=ttu

​To find the University of Sharjah Bus timetable please Click here.