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Security and Safety Unit

With its 24-hour services, this unit is responsible for the security of the University's premises. It also ensures the security and safety of students. Its role is vital for a safe and nurturing educational environment.

Services provided by SSU:
  1. Taking necessary procedures to protect the University's facilities against fire
  2. Performing receptionist duties during work hours by replying to visitors' queries, supervising students while entering the main building, and informing students of relevant bylaws issued by the University Administration
  3. Contacting the ambulance services regarding any emergency medical conditions on UoS campuses
  4. Providing faculty, staff and students with official UoS car stickers
  5. Providing faculty and staff with entry cards that allow them access to the university buildings' main gates after work hours and during vacations upon the approval of the University Administration.
  6. Issuing exit permits for female students upon their guardians' approval, entry permits to lessees of restaurants on UoS campuses, and entry permits to restaurant owners from outside the campus upon submission of the necessary documents and fees as specified by the University Administration
  7. Issuing faculty and staff with magnetic cards for car parks at the back of the Main Building (M11)
  8. Managing lost and found items
  9. Performing any duties assigned by the University Administration