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Mail Office

This office collects mail from all the university departments and colleges to hand them over to the Post Office. The university mail office receives parcels, letters and local newspapers and distributes them to the university departments through designated staff. This office provides the following mail services for students, faculty and staff members:

  • Dispatching and receiving letters, printed materials and small bundles.
  • Dispatching and receiving express mail.
  • Dispatching and receiving local and international parcels.
  • Dispatching and receiving registered mails.
  • Performing special mailbag service (shipping of books).

The Mail Office is keen on offering miscellaneous services at one place aiming at achieving high levels of customer satisfaction. This office offers unique mail and non-mail services. It offers solutions that are appropriate for all through coordination with international mail services for dispatching and receiving parcels locally and internationally. Non-mail services include: Newspaper and journal subscriptions and carrying out clearance of shipments at customs, airports and seaports facilities.