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Date and Deadlines

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Date and Deadlines

Admissions for the Fall semester 2021/2022 :

Admission periods :

-  Early admission:

From May 16th 2021 till Jun 16th 2021 .

- Official Admission for all colleges except College of Medicine and College of Dental Medicine:  From Jun 20th  2021 till Aug 19th 2021.

- Official Admission for Medical colleges (College of Medicine and College of Dental Medicine):  From Jun 20th  2021 till Jul 16th 2021

 - Admissions period for transfer students:

 - From Jun 6th 2021 till Jul 18th 2021 .

Available colleges for the Fall semester 2021/2022 :

1. College of Medicine

2. College of Dental Medicine

3. College of Pharmacy

4.College of Health Sciences except  Bridging in Environmental Health Sciences Major .

5.Colleges of Engineering

6.College of Fine Arts & Design

7.College of Sharia & Islamic Studies

8. College of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences except Museum Studies and Art History Major 

9.College of Sciences

10.  College of Business Administration

11. College of Law

12.  College of Communication

13. College of Computing and Informatics

How to apply :

- Apply online using the following link :\oa\ (which will be available during admission period only).

Working Hours: 

For safety purposes, kindly be informed that the Admissions Department will stop receiving applicants and visitors in the offices. We are available to answer your enquiries (Sunday- Thursday) from 8:00 am till 2:00 pm  through the following:


 Telephone: +97165050735, 600522251

- To view the academic calendar for Spring Semester 2020/2021, Kindly click here .
- To view admission examination dates for Spring Semester 2020/2021 click here .
- For more information about available programs & admission requirements, Kindly visit this page .

Please stay safe and healthy