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Admissions section

This Section is responsible for everything related to admission and application processes for the university's diploma and bachelor's programs and for administering the university's admission policies and bylaws.

The activities of this section are summarized as follows:

  • Acceptance of new students, re-enrollment students, students transferred from other universities, student exchange program students, and visiting students.
  • Welcoming students, their parents, and visitors and responding to inquiries.
  • Distribution of brochures and guides.
  • Ensure that students fulfill the admission requirements and regulations.
  • Follow-up procedures for admission of students to the university.
  • Communicate with students, and announce the names of those accepted.
  • Generating university numbers and Passwords for students.
  • Archiving students' academic and personal records and documents and constantly updating them electronically.
  • Implementation of admission rules and regulations in accordance with the admission policy approved by the university administration and in accordance with the decisions of the Ministry of Education in the university's various diploma and bachelor's levels programs.
  • Coordination with the College of Graduate Studies to open the door for electronic submission of their students, train their employees on the system, and archive their graduates' documents electronically.
  • Communicate and coordinate with the various colleges and departments of the university, government and private institutions, relevant universities, and scholarship donors inside and outside the country.
  • Participating in educational exhibitions inside and outside the country and promoting various university programs.​


  1. Transition from manual admission to electronic admission to receive new applications for all undergraduate and diploma programs.
  2. Priority has been given to receiving requests from students of determination, accelerating their procedures, and facilitating the service of elderly parents within the department's strategy in providing distinguished services to this segment of society.
  3. Attracting distinguished students, scientifically and behaviorally, to join the University and provide them with the best services. The administration also provides an immediate seat reservation service for students who are scientifically distinguished in the General Secondary Certificate and who meet the admission requirements to ensure a seat for them and not wait, in coordination with the direction of the university administration in accepting distinguished students to raise the level of excellence at the University.
  4. Assigning computer laboratories in the Admission Department and Medical Colleges building to be used for electronic admission.
  5. Continuous updating on the Admission Department's publications, such as: (a university overview, admission catalog, admission policy, programs, and tuition fees brochures, admission dates and exams brochure for new students, how to apply brochure, early admission brochure).
  6. Checking the personal data of students who are expected to graduate from school and amending the information of the entered students based on the documents uploaded and submitted by the students to ensure the credibility and validity of the data entered in the Banner system as well as the information that appears in the graduation certificates.
  7. Archiving the documents of new students electronically starting from the spring semester 2014/2015 and saving them in the Banner system, which helped in the audit process and ease of reference to the students' documents without the need to go back to the student's file, as more than 105,389 documents were archived for new students.
  8. Archiving graduates' documents electronically starting from the summer 2013/2014, where the number of archived records for graduate students reached 66,007 documents.
  9. Participation in the open day for new students.​
  10. Active participation in educational fairs held inside and outside the country to promote the various university programs and to educate students about the University's admission regulations, conditions and mechanisms.
  11. Preparing the virtual admission platform during the Covid pandemic period to provide the necessary facilities for new students, introduce them to university life, link them to the university campus, provide the opportunity to introduce them to colleges and departments, help them adapt to their new surroundings, and give the opportunity to meet the University of Sharjah family of employees and colleges.
  12. The launch of the new electronic admission system during the spring semester 2020/2021, which is the first integrated system to be fully developed by the admissions department staff at the University.
  13. Developing an electronic system for the Passport Department linked to the student admission system to facilitate the application process for the security approval application and the residence visa application for new students through the University of Sharjah.
  14. Linking with the data of the Federal Authority for Identity, Nationality, Customs and Ports Security, which has a significant role in controlling and accuracy of students' data according to the essential reference and database approved in the country. The University of Sharjah is the first University in the United Arab Emirates to succeed in the linking process
  15. Building an electronic admission system to receive new applications for Khorfakkan University.
  16. Developing a new platform for delivering English language proficiency certificates to students and accrediting them from the University's Language Center.
  17. Building an application for student dormitory at the University of Sharjah.
  18. Linking the University's student information system with the application system for the Sharjah Government scholarship department.
  19. Linking the University's student information system with the application system for Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority scholarship department.
  20. The admission Information Technology department won the Best University Team Award.
  21. Horiya Issa is an admission officer from the Admission Department who won the award for the best female employee at the university level in the administrative category.
  22. Transforming the scholarship office into an independent department, in line with the increase in the tasks entrusted to it.​