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Admission System section

The main purpose of the Admissions System Section is to

  • Plan, organize, and lead the systems used by the Admissions Department
  • Manage student admission information system
  • Manage department related projects and integration with other relevant systems
  • Implement new systems and business integration tools
  • Design, implement, and automate information management procedures and DE customize solutions
  • Find creative solutions to improve the admission system
  • Apply electronic archiving and supervise the process
  • Compile, analyze, and provide valid conclusions from information system data
  • Provide technical support and train staff on the proper use of information systems and data quality practices
  • Add, update, and audit the online admissions system
  • Prepare and audit all the lists, statistics, and reports concerning the admissions and graduation operations
  • Supervise the Banner 9 upgrading process especially those related to university admissions
  • Supervise future technical plans such as: new archiving system (Document Management System), reporting tools, mobile application tools, online applications and other creative solutions that will add value to the services provided to our clients
  • Prepaid for the upgrade to the Cloud
  • Implement new e-Services using OSS and Workflow
  • Use MDUU utility to de-customize all admissions process and tables on the Banner System
  • Migrate all Banner reports to the new reporting tool (Argos)