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Admission System section

The Department of Information Systems has been created in the Admission Department in line with the university's strategic plan to develop and update student systems.

The department is responsible for developing services, implementing and enhancing the systems used in the admission management in all its departments, facilitating work and overcoming difficulties, providing effective procedures for employees, and facilitating services for students and alumni.




  • Planning, organizing, and managing the systems used in admission management.
  • Manage technical projects related to acceptance management and ensure their integration, linkage, and integration with other related systems.
  • Design, implementation, and automation of admission procedures.
  • Finding innovative solutions to improve the current admission system.
  • Preparing for the electronic admission system before opening the door for admission each semester.
  • Exporting data from the student system to analyze it and provide the required information to decision-makers at the university.
  • Providing technical support and training staff on the ideal use of admission systems and ensuring data quality.
  • Preparing, reviewing, and developing all lists, statistics, and reports related to admission and graduation processes.
  • Supervising the upgrade of admission systems to (Cloud server).
  • Overseeing the projects and future technical plans of the department, such as a new archiving system (document management system), reporting tools, mobile application, new admission system, electronic applications, and other creative solutions that will add value to the services provided to our clients.
  • Implementing new electronic services using the tool (OSS) and (Workflow) system.
  • Implementing new systems and ensuring their integration and connection with other related systems.
  • Use the (MDUU) tool for deallocation in the (Banner) system.
  • Move all Banner reports to the new Argos reporting tool.
  • Generate university numbers and passwords for new students and send them to them via email.





  • Extract university numbers and passwords for new students and send an email to them.
  • Participation in the implementation of the university's plan towards updating the electronic systems used in it and the methods to be applied, in line with new developments, such as the (Argos) reporting system and the (Workflow) system, the upgrade of the Banner system to the latest version, its transfer to the cloud, and others.
  • Participate in the creation and standardization of a dictionary of terms used in the student information system at the university, in cooperation with the Deanship of Quality Assurance, Institutional Effectiveness, and Accreditation.
  • Application of reports (Argos) to build and extract reports and statistics required by management. Reports are gradually transferred from Banner to Argos and updated, in addition to creating new reports. The Admission Department is the first to implement the Argos system at the University of Sharjah.
  • Implementation of the online clearance system for graduates and withdrawals using the new workflow system.
  • The university card is designed for students using the (Argos) program.
  • The honorary certificate is designed and certified for graduates in Arabic and English using the (Argos) program.
  • An electronic questionnaire was made in Arabic and English for university applicants via the website, and through it, they were helped to complete their electronic applications and develop the system.
  • Using the Comprehensive Data Update Tool (MDUU) to create the database used in the smart chip system used by the Ministry of Education to facilitate the certification process for University of Sharjah graduates' certificates.
  • Training the admissions department staff to use the new (Argos) reporting software.
  • Designing graduation certificates on the (Argos) system.