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Douglas Fisher 

San Diego State University, USA

Nancy Frey - San Diego State University


Dominique Smith

Health Sciences High & Middle College


John Hattie

The University of Melbourne, Australia

In March 2020, there was no manual for leading schools and school systems during a pandemic. School leaders had to figure things out as the crisis unfolded. But starting now, leaders have the opportunity to prepare for leading schools through distance learning with purpose and intent—using what works best to accelerate students' learning all the while maintaining an indelible focus on equity Harnessing the insights and experience of renowned educators Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, and John Hattie, The Distance Learning Playbook for School Leaders applies the wisdom and evidence of the VISIBLE LEARNING® research to understand what's works best. Spanning topics from school climate at a distance, leader credibility, care for self and colleagues, instructional leadership teams, stakeholder advisory groups, and virtual visibility, this comprehensive playbook details the research- and evidence-based strategies school leaders can mobilize to lead the delivery of high-impact learning in an online, virtual, and distributed environment.
This powerful guide includes:
• Actionable insights and hands-on steps for each module to help school leaders realize the evidence-based leadership practices that result in meaningful learning in a distance environment
• Discussion of equity challenges associated with distance learning, along with examples of how leaders can work to ensure that equity gains that have been realized are not lost.
• Analysis of the mindsets that empower leaders to manage change, rather than technology
• Space to write and reflect on current practices and plan future leadership strategies
• The mindframes for distance learning that serve leaders well in any instructional setting and will position schools after the pandemic to come back better than they were before. ​






Catlin R. Tucker 

Windsor Unified School District

Blended learning offers educators the opportunity to reimagine teaching and learning. It allows teachers to partner with their students to assess, track, and reflect on learning. This partnership gives teachers more time and energy to innovate and personalize learning while providing students the opportunity to be active agents driving their own growth. If one thing is certain after the 2019-2020 school year, blended learning is here to stay. Learning must be a shared endeavor between the teacher and the learner. This book provides teachers with strategies to rethink traditional workflows to make teaching practices sustainable. Written by blended learning expert, Catlin Tucker, this resource provides teachers with concrete strategies and resources they can use to partner with their students to actively engage them in setting goals, monitoring their development, reflecting on their growth, using feedback to improve work, assessing the quality of their work, and communicating their progress with parents.  ​



William Housley 

Cardiff University, UK

In Digital Society: An Interactionist Perspective, William Housley explores the ways interactionist thinking contributes to our understanding of current trends and topics within digital sociology. Drawing on a range of aligned approaches, concepts and empirical studies, he explores how notions of self and presentation, action and agency, practical reason and interaction are of fundamental importance to our understanding of some of the emerging contours of digital society; inclusive of big data, social media, the social life of methods, algorithmic culture, 'artificial intelligence' and the pivot to voice. In doing so, Housley aims to demonstrate the enduring relevance of work associated with Goffman, Garfinkel and Sacks in understanding everyday digital social life.The book provides a range of insights into how sociology and social science continues to draw upon interactionism and aligned traditions such as ethnomethodology in making sense of the Interaction Order 2.0 and beyond
assessing the quality of their work and communicating their progress with parents.  ​


Joel Vos 

Metanoia Institute, London

The Psychology of Covid-19 explores how the coronavirus pandemic is giving rise to a new order in our personal lives, societies, and politics. Rooted in systematic research on Covid-19 and previous pandemics, this book describes how people perceive and respond to Covid-19, and how it has impacted a broad range of domains, including lifestyle, politics, science, mental health, media, and meaning in life. Building on this, the book then sets out how we can improve our psychological and social resilience, to safeguard ourselves against the psychological effects of future pandemics. Ethnomethodology in making sense of the Interaction Order 2.0 and beyond assessing the quality of their work and communicating their progress with parents.  ​



Michelle Inderbitzin 

Oregon State University

Kristin A. Bates 

California State University

Randy R. Gainey 

Old Dominion University

Deviance and Social Control: A Sociological Perspective provides a sociological examination of deviant behavior in society, with a significant focus on the major theories of deviance and society's reaction to deviance. Authors Michelle Inderbitzin, Kristin A. Bates, and Randy R. Gainey use sociological theories to illuminate issues related to deviant behavior, offering clear overviews and perspectives in the field as well as introductions to classic and current research. A unique text/reader format combines substantial original chapters that clearly explain and outline the sociological perspectives on deviance with carefully selected articles from leading academic sources. ​




Daniel Thomas Cook 

Rutgers University, USA

The SAGE Encyclopedia of Children and Childhood Studies navigates our understanding of the historical, political, social and cultural dimensions of childhood. 
Transdisciplinary and transnational in content and scope, the Encyclopedia both reflects and enables the wide range of approaches, fields and understandings that have been brought to bear on the ever-transforming problem of the "child" over the last four decades 
This four-volume encyclopedia covers a wide range of themes and topics, including: 
Social Constructions of Childhood
Children's Rights
Child-specific Research Methods
Histories of Childhood/Transnational Childhoods
Sociology/Anthropology of Childhood 
Theories and Theorists
Key Concepts
This interdisciplinary encyclopedia will be of interest to students and researchers in:
Childhood Studies
Social Welfare 
Cultural Studies/Gender Studies/Disability Studies ​


Aki Roberts 

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA

John M. Roberts Jr. 

University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA

Multiple Regression: A Practical Introduction is a text for an advanced undergraduate or beginning graduate course in statistics for social science and related fields. Also, students preparing for more advanced courses can self-study the text to refresh and solidify their statistical background. Drawing on decades of teaching this material, the authors present the ideas in an approachable and nontechnical manner, with no expectation that readers have more than a standard introductory statistics course as background. Multiple regression asks how a dependent variable is related to, or predicted by, a set of independent variables. The book includes many interesting example analyses and interpretations, along with exercises. Each dataset used for the examples and exercises is small enough for readers to easily grasp the entire dataset and its analysis with respect to the specific statistical techniques covered. SPSS, Stata, SAS, and R code and commands for each type of analysis or recoding of variables in the book are available on an accompanying website, along with solutions to the exercises (on the instructor site). ​


Gary Rees - Head, Organization Studies and Human Resource Management, Portsmouth Business School, University of Portsmouth

Paul Smith - Head, HR Subject Group and Principal Lecturer in HRM, Hertfordshire Business School, University of Hertfordshire

Whether you are studying at undergraduate or postgraduate level, our stellar team of expert authors will guide you through the key topics of human resource management from strategic and international perspectives.
Starting with the fundamentals of each topic and progressing through to critical evaluation, the 3rd edition includes:
Even more international case studies from across Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East – which bring the theory and academic underpinning to life. A wide range of Reflective Activities that encourage you to consider the real-world implications of what you have learnt.An updated companion website featuring a wealth of resources for lecturers and students, including an Instructor's Manual, PowerPoint slides, a Test bank, access to SAGE Journals and SAGE Business Cases. ​


Rosalind Masterson - De Montfort University, UK

Nichola Phillips - De Montfort University, UK

David Pickton - Strategic Partnerships

This easy to use resource opens windows to the world of marketing through cases that are vibrant and engaged, links that allow students to explore topics in more detail and content to encourage relating theory to practice.Recognizing the importance of ongoing technological and social developments and the increasing connectedness of consumers that has profound implications for the way marketing operates and students learn, the 5th edition demystifies key technologies and terminology, demonstrating where and how emerging digital marketing techniques and tools fit in to contemporary marketing planning and practice.  ​


Richard D. Johnson 

Washington State University

Kevin D. Carlson - Virginia Tech

Michael J. Kavanagh 

University at Albany,

State University of New York

Human Resource Information Systems: Basics, Applications, and Future Directions is a one-of-a-kind book that provides a thorough introduction to the field of Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) and shows how organizations today can leverage HRIS to make better people decisions and manage talent more effectively. Unlike other texts that overwhelm students with technical information and jargon, this revised Fifth Edition offers a balanced approach in dealing with HR issues and IT/IS issues by drawing from experts in both areas. It includes the latest research and developments in the areas of HRIS justification strategies, HR technology, big data, and artificial intelligence. Numerous examples, best practices, discussion questions, and case studies, make this book the most student-friendly and current text on the market.   ​


Peter Morgan 

The University of Nottingham Ningbo


Written in response to the pressures on universities to produce highly skilled and work-ready graduates and intended to map across a three-year business course, this book covers essential skills, from study, presentation and leadership to practical advice on securing that all-important job after university. 
A number of hands-on learning aids feature throughout, including:
- Skills self-assessment tables,
- 'For You to Do',
- Integration and Application,
- Interview questions.
This second edition has been thoroughly updated and is complemented by a companion website featuring a range of tools and resources for lecturers and students, including an Instructor's Manual and PowerPoint slides, answers and guidance on skills assessment tasks, templates and examples to download as well as additional online chapters on topics such as testing, assessment and alternative options for graduates. ​


Tracy L. Tuten 

William Davidson Institute

"Social Media Marketing deserves special kudos for its courage in tackling the new frontier of social media marketing. This textbook challenges its readers to grapple with the daunting task of understanding rapidly evolving social media and its users."
TAA Judges Panel
The market leading and award winning text on social media marketing has been fully updated for this fourth edition. 
With a balance of essential theory and practical application, the text has been been thoroughly revised to reflect the latest developments in social media marketing research and practice.
11 new case studies have been added to the 'Case Zone', including TikTok, LEGO, Nespresso and Puma. A student-engaging case study now runs throughout the entire textbook looking at the US based company Kombucha 221 BC to help develop understanding of each chapter.
The book is complemented by a companion website that offers valuable additional resources for both instructors and students, including author videos discussing key social media marketing ideas and concepts, author-selected YouTube video playlists, additional case studies, further weblinks, PowerPoint slides and Testbank. ​



James W. Neuliep 

St. Norbert College

Intercultural Communication: A Contextual Approach introduces students to the fundamental topics, theories, concepts, and themes of intercultural communication. Best-selling author James W. Neuliep presents a clear model for examining communication within a variety of contexts, including cultural, microcultural, environmental, sociorelational, and perceptual. Each chapter focuses on one context and explores the combination of factors within that context, including setting, situation, and circumstances. The updated Eighth Edition reflects the most recent research in the field and further incorporates the role of modern technology and its impact on intercultural communication. ​



Steve Duck 

University of Iowa, USA

David T. McMahan 

Missouri Western State University, USA

Communication in Everyday Life: A Survey of Communication offers an engaging introduction to communication based on the belief that communication and relationships are always interconnected. Best-selling authors Steve Duck and David T. McMahan incorporate this theme of a relational perspective and a focus on everyday communication to show the connections between concepts and how they can be understood through a shared perspective. Students will learn how topics in communication come together as part of a greater whole, as well as gain practical communication skills, from listening to critical thinking and using technology to communicate. The Fourth Edition includes enhancements to its proven pedagogical features that reflect updates in research, cultural and societal changes, and emerging issues ​


Helen L. Burz 

Oak Ridge Elementary, MI

Kit Marshall 


In this book, the authors have constructed a planning framework that includes numerous examples of performance-based visual arts set in real-life contexts. ​



Parul Dave Mukherji 
School of Arts and Aesthetics,
Jawaharlal Nehru University,
New Delhi
Naman P. Ahuja - School of Arts and Aesthetics,
Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
Kavita Singh - School of Arts and Aesthetics,
Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
InFlux: Contemporary Art in Asia brings together essays by leading critics and curators to examine modern and contemporary art practice and its discourses in Asia. Covering diverse regions spanning China, India, Thailand, Iran, West Asia, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Hong Kong, Tibet, and Cambodia, the book examines their multiple modernities and the arrival of many Asia's upon the contemporary art scene.Some centers have become celebrated in the international exhibition circuit and the art market, but there is also an Asia beyond their ambit, and the book throws light upon major and minor, established and emergent geographies of art. Asia's own internal minorities fracture any unified sense of place, and representing this diversity has become a major challenge for today's curator. 
What is the impact on contemporary art of state power and burgeoning economies, or the persistent stereotypes of Asian craftsmanship, exoticism, and religiosity or the new ones of terrorism and tourist paradise? The book aims to challenge some of these perceptions by viewing modern and contemporary Asian art not as a given field but as a project in flux,
constantly under revision via art practice and curatorial interventions. ​


Susan C. Scrimshaw - The Sage Colleges, USA

Sandra D. Lane - Syracuse University

Robert A. Rubinstein - Syracuse University, USA

Julian Fisher - Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany