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Our campus boasts numerous and state-of-the-art facilities to ensure students feel right at home

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Campus Facilities

The University offers a number of facilities to make life on campus pleasant, enjoyable and convenient for students:

Student Center 

There are two UOS Student Centers, one on the men's campus and the other on the women's campus. Each center offers  recreational facilities and is designed to encourage social interaction and create a friendly atmosphere. Located in the Student Centers are the Offices of the Deanship for the Student Affairs, student unions offices, offices for student clubs and societies, a drawing, calligraphy and fine arts room, a bookshop, branches for the Sharjah Cooperative Society and Sharjah Islamic Bank, and a number of small convenience shops.

Student Fund Office

The Student Fund Office offers financial aid to eligible students so that they may complete their university studies in a timely manner. The Fund collaborates with various private and public institutions to provide student financial aid, including the Sharjah Charity Association. For more details, please visit the Deanship of Student Affairs located in the Student Center.


There are two separate fully-equipped dormitories (men's and women's) on campus. The dormitories provide comfortable accommodations and other facilities to create an atmosphere conducive to learning and academic achievement. Students interact with one another and develop friendships in a multi-cultural environment under the supervision of dormitory supervisors.


Dormitory supervisors prepare the annual plan for the dorms, draft reports with statistics, advertise and publish handouts, receive new students at the beginning of each semester, provide guidance to students, acquaint students with the dorm rules, regulations and other responsibilities, and give their full attention to any students requiring special medical attention. The Student Housing Department organizes entertainment, sports events and weekly outings for all students living in the dorms. Students enjoy a friendly family-type atmosphere with supervisors on hand to provide on-going guidance and support.
Students may choose from one, two and three-bedroom dorm rooms. Dorms provide well-equipped clinics, study halls, computer labs, laundry facilities, garden areas, TV rooms, reception halls, and many other areas for recreational activities.
Transportation Services
The University provides students with reliable transportation on campus both to and from the dorms and the Medical Colleges, which are a short five-minute drive from the main campus. There is also free transportation from Sharjah and Al-Dhaid to the University and vice versa. A private transportation company provides buses to take students to various destinations in the UAE in return for a fee.  


There are a wide variety of restaurants on campus where students may have their meals or request carryout services.

Services Available

  • Emirates Post Office
  • Etisalat Company
  • Sharjah Islamic Bank
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Restaurants and Coffee Shops
  • Barbershop
  • Salon
  • Sharjah Cooperative Society
  • Commercial Shops