Membership in the Alumni Association
By joining the University of Sharjah Alumni Association , you will make an important contribution by helping to strengthen the relationship between alumni members and the university. Additionally , you will play a vital role in creating awareness among alumni with regard to events and new programs in academic , research , and social areas both inside and outside the university .


Membership in the Alumni Association is open to all alumni who meet the conditions for joining the Association. Each member of the Association has the right to run for election and serve on the Executive Committee and to participate in all the Association activities .

Alumni Association Administration

The administration of the Alumni Association and the execution of its affairs is overseen by an executive committee under the supervision of Vice Chancellor and in coordination with the Alumni Association Center .

Conditions for Membership

  1. Holding a dgree granted by the university or an affiliated institution or academic program run by the university
  2. Being at least 21 years of age at the time of application
  3. Being in good standing with the law and not having been convicted of any crime , in violation of honor or integrity , or for any other misconduct.

Duties of Alumni Association Members

  • Adhering to the constitution , legislation , and policies of the United Arab Emirates .
  • Honoring the University's by-laws , rules and regulations , showing respect for the university's faculty members and administrative staff , and not engaging in any activity or deed that runs counter to these provisions
  • Exerting as much effort as possible within the governing legislative regulations to achieve the objectives and goals of the Associaltion .
  • Participating as volunteers in all activities and events that are organized by Alumni Association .
  • Sponsoring functions or activities , withing the provision of goverment legislation , which preserve the rights of alumni and guarantee the community's​ welfare and development .
** Take this opportunity , as a graduate from UOS , to serve as an ambassador for the university wherever you go. All you need to do is to register to obtain your alumni membership and ID so that you , too , may serve as an active member of your University commnunity.

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