About Us
​The University of Sharjah Alumni Association was established to unde​rcore the leading role of UOS graduates in the society. 

In addition to strengthening the relationship between the university and its graduates , the Alumni Association endeavors to instill in alumni as sense of belonging and loyalty and encourage cooperation between alumni and the University to better serve the community and alumni.

Furthermore, the Alumni Association Center assists graduates in developing their abilities and skills to meet the challenges they might face in the job market and provide them with guidance if they should seek to complete their higher studies or take more coursework .

The Alumni Association makes every effort to provide alumni with opportunities to participate in diverse activities both inside and outside the university .

Goals of Alumni Association

To accomplish its between the Alumni Association seeks to achieve the following goals :

  1. Encouraging UOS alumni to use the University's facilities for educational purposes or social gathering .
  2. Creating awareness among alumni so that they may paly a vital role in developing the University's curricula through providing feedback on knowledge gained in their fields of specialization after graduation , related to the practical needs of the job market and growing requirements for community service , so that the university might better tailor its programs to meet such demand .
  3. Developing the spirit of group cooperative efforts to help realize alumni goals , especially concerning common aims related to the community.
  4. Providing a forum through which alumni may discuss their issues , concerns , aspirations , and shared goals.
  5. Maintaining continual contact with alumni in academic setting to exchange ideas and update alumni on the latest scientific developments through channels of communication established between the university and community , involving the participation of professors , students and alumni in various University events and activities .
  6. Promoting democratic concepts and practices by encouraging discussion and respect for opinions of others.
  7. Strenthening the relationship between the Alumni Association and similar organizations in the gulf region and other countries.
  8. Sponsoring any function or activity , within the provisions of government legislation , which preserves the rights of alumni and guarantees the community's welfare and development.


Alumni Association Chapters


The Alumni Association has established an eastern branch in Khorfakan , Sharjah-UAE. The Alumni Association is currently seeking to​ establish other chapters in the UAE and abroad. These chapters will coordinate events and activities to serve the mission of the Alumni Association and create better communication among alumni and between alumni and the university .
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