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Research Domains in the College of Medicine

The University of Sharjah's strategic directions in the areas of health and research fully reflect its mission and vision. It has optimized its potential in these areas through its Colleges of Medicine, Pharmacy, Dental Medicine and Health Sciences in addition to University Hospital - Sharjah (UDHS), the Sharjah Institute for Medical Research of the Sharjah Academy for Scientific Research, and the Clinical Training Center (CTC) as well as the Biotechnology Program in the College of Sciences.  This vision has created a unique setting, the “Sharjah Medical Excellence Cluster” or SMEC.
The rational for selecting Molecular Medicine and Translational Research as one of the University's main strategic research domains is due to the major advances in the field of Molecular Medicine and attempts to understand the biology of diseases at the genetic and molecular levels, which has led to the development of target therapy with applications in all health related fields.
Translational research, which is relatively new terminology, has become common in biomedical research to link and shorten the distance between lab-based research and its healthcare application among the population at large Community and population-based research is essential in order to understand the magnitude and extent of disease among various populations.
Medical education was introduced at the University with the rationale that the main “raison d’être” for a university is education in a broad sense.  The University of Sharjah and its Colleges of Medicine and Health Sciences are leading in the region and have gained an international reputation for innovation and scholarly activities in medical education at the undergraduate, post-graduate and continuing education levels. This area of strength, which differentiates the University of Sharjah, is considered important to the direction of research.
Strategic directions in research at “SMEC” take into consideration the following:
1.      Focusing research on community-related health problems.           
2.      Maximizing and developing the research capacity and experience of University of Sharjah faculty members. 
3.      Creating a network of international strategic alliances with leading international research institutes.
4.      Establishing postgraduate programs related to UOS research directions and differentiating UOS by offering
         innovative master's and PhD programs.  Students in these programs are considered the driving force behind
5.      Leading in innovative and scholarly activities in medical education to positively impact  the University’s teaching and
         learning strategies.
6.      Promoting the Sharjah Institute for Medical Research as the “Hub” for medical and health-related research.
Research Domains:
 1. Molecular Medicine:
  • Cancer:  Cancer research focuses on the study of tumor cells and their interaction with their microenvironment. It also  focuses on the critical role of specific genes in tumorigenesis.
  • Diabetes:  Diabetes research focuses on the study of the genetics of diabetes.
  • Infectious Diseases:  Infectious disease research focuses on the study of healthcare associated with infectious disease management and surveillance, molecular characterization of antibiotic resistance and the genetic characterization of tuberculosis.
2.  Translational Research (Clinical and Population-Based Studies):
  • Diabetes epidemiology and management in the UAE
  • Women’s Health: To understand the biological basis related to common health problems among Emirati women, focus on preventive strategies for common health problems related to post menopause, and emphasize  healthy behavior and lifestyle. 
3.  Medical Education Research:
  • This domain builds on the wide experience and scholarly activities of faculty in the medical and health colleges in medical education.  It aims at studying the medical education environment at Sharjah University and translates the research into “Best Available Evidence in Medical Education” (BEME).
4.  Investigator Driven research:
  • This research  is  self -funded or represent research activities in fields other than those   listed  above but within the general domain of Medical/Health Sciences.