It was a great honor to graduate from the candle of science, University of Sharjah. The honor is doubled that we were educated under consideration of the best scholars who are universally  acknowledged in the field of their expertise.

We ask every success to His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Ruler of Sharjah, for his interest in knowledge and his endless efforts to avail the needs of students and satisfy their eagerness for knowledge. We also thank those in charge in Department of Islamic Jurisprudence at the Faculty of Sharia on their painstaking efforts in drawing the map to distinction. May Allah guide them to do good and weigh their balance in the day of judgement. We hope this department remains flourished and the chain of its knowledge stays uninterrupted forever”.
Hisham Al-Zahrani
Manager, Dar Al-Birr Association 

I have had the honor to study and graduate with honors in my BA and MA studies at the College of Sharia and Islamic Studies - University of Sharjah. And I am now ready to complete the PhD. The college had opened broad areas and prospects in front of us. We studied courses that had helped in the formation of our academic personality where tradition and modernity are combined together through our study of Islamic Jurisprudence, interpretation, judiciary, and comparative jurisprudence. Its postgraduate program has allocated many areas to specialize in (family law, transactions, Islamic economics and banking, judiciary law and criminal justice). The faculty and administrative members of the college had instilled in us moral values, sense of taking responsibility, devotion to Allah, perseverance in the pursuit of knowledge and respect and appreciation to the scholars."

Madou Sylla
Assistant Manager
Dean’s office, Faculty of Sharia, Sharjah

In the process of my life, the soil of the University of Sharjah was a  candle that its light will never switch off. It is the place wherein was the birth of my dream. Thanks "Sultan". Thanks to you my esteemed lecturers."
Huda Al-Zu’aabi
Head Dept, Applied science’s methodology
Ministry of Education

"This is my University. It stood with me in the stages of my educational life the stance of a guiding and merciful mentor.  I reached what I do by the great favor of it. It taught me to insist and work hard. I am fully determined to complete my studies as a token of appreciation to its benevolence and giving."

Zainab Sulaiman
Assistant Manager, Office of Assistant Dean for Postgraduate Studies
Faculty of Sharia, Sharjah