I visited the College of Sharia at the University of Sharjah and its respectful Dean, Professor Awad Al-Khalaf. It is great pleasure to observe such a remarkable progress in the study of Sharia. I witnessed great mastery of research and work. It is, therefore, right of those who master their work to pay them due thank and appreciation. I hope this would push them more to renew the hope of performance and continue leading on the true path.

Prof.Bashar bin Awwad

Jumada 1438 AH

I have had the honor to graduate and obtain my Master's degree from this blessed College. I discussed with Dean of the College the most important developments occurred within and without the University level.

We have opined the same about a variety of perspectives regarding the growth and development to man, environment and leaders within the College and the whole administration as well. We agreed to have joint enterprises for the interest of University students, God willing. I would like to thank my professor for his kind and everlasting support.

Musa Tariq Khoury

Head of Shari'a Management at Dubai Islamic Bank.

(Sha'ban / 1438 AH, 25/5/2017)

I thank God for bestowing upon us the goodness of this University (University of Sharjah). Special thanks to University's founder and to the professors in the college of Sharia and Islamic Studies and the department of fundamentals of religion, which encompasses a distinguished elite of nation's scholars, who I was honored to sit before them learning and tasting the sweetness of their literature. Their good teaching and behavioral styles created a great effect in the academic and professional career and in conducting of proper ways.

I obtained the Master's Degree in interpretation and prophetic tradition (Hadith and Its Sciences) in 1434 H corresponding to 2013 .

Currently I work as a teacher of Islamic sciences at Islamic Institute of Al-Ain.

Ahmed bin Saleh Al Balushi.


University of Sharjah..The university wherein I graduated and lived between its alleys. I studied in the College of Sharia and Islamic Studies (Department of fundamentals of religion), where I met a group of credible scholars, distinguished professors and noble colleagues. I glorify the memorial of: How did we read and perform the research duties; How did students have excelled in their research and how did they have acquired reason and knowledge. All praise be to Allah, first and last, in appearance and depth for He alone removes hardship and creates ease and prosperity. May Allah reward University adminstration for the endless and truthful efforts.   

Abdullah Mohammed Al Shamsi

Islamic Education Teacher

The Ministry of Education

This is a tribute to the University of Sharjah and the College of Shari'a (Department of the fundamentals of religion). 

It is the place where I upgraded my educational abilities within its classes. I think it is one of places which are surrounded by angels and bestowed the bliss of God. 

I graduated from this College and obtained my Master's Degree with honors.  I am currently working with Federal Insurance Institute. This faviour is the outcome of the University of Sharjah, which added a lot to me and lit up my way to the future.

Special greetings to the College of Sharia and University of Sharjah.

Your son:

Haitham Jasim Abdullah Al Ali

Insurance Department,

Department of Studies and Research


I am so proud that I joined the PHD programm in Sharjah university, it has helped me to sharpen my thinking skills and think outside the box.
The open minded culture and extensive research has empowered me to see beyond and see past my own judgements. 
  It has opened doors for me to understand Allah's words in depth, directed towards humanity. It has better helped to understand my responsibilities and convey Allah's word worldwide.
Hunada Kanbar
Graduated with a master's degree and now a PhD student

most of the people do not accept that their daughters would register in the Faculty of Shari'a, because this specialization has no professional future, according to their belief. They have forgotten that the livelihood is in the hands of Allah Almighty and will not die any soul until it earns its sustenance. (Fall), in the Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Studies specialized in the fundamentals of religion, and thanks to God, I did not sit after graduation, I first started the Quran memorization project at the Shaima School in Sharjah, currently I am working in the private school in Al Mamzar. primary, preparatory and secondary stages. and all this with Allah` blessing .

Wafa Ahmed Al-Adwan
Al Ittihad Private School

Very fruitful visit to the Dean office and the College. I was one of the stuff member of College of Shariah - University of Sharjah as a visiting Assistant Professor from 2002-2004. I am very happy to observe the tremendous development that this University and particularly College of Shariah has undergone. Many new programmes has been introduced and the College is fully distinguished now.

I pray to Allah that He will bless the University and bring more prosper to the University and the Ruler of Sharjah and UAE as a whole inshaa Allah.

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Akram Laldin.

Executive director

International Shariah Research Academy for Islamic Finance Malaysia (ISRA).

Monday 14-8-2017

This has been one of my most memorable University visits. The beauty of this campus is remarkable, but no more so than the friendliness and hospitality of the people.