I am so proud that I joined the PHD programm in Sharjah university, it has helped me to sharpen my thinking skills and think outside the box.
The open minded culture and extensive research has empowered me to see beyond and see past my own judgements. 
  It has opened doors for me to understand Allah's words in depth, directed towards humanity. It has better helped to understand my responsibilities and convey Allah's word worldwide.

Hunada Kanbar
Graduated with a master's degree and now a PhD student

most of the people do not accept that their daughters would register in the Faculty of Shari'a, because this specialization has no professional future, according to their belief. They have forgotten that the livelihood is in the hands of Allah Almighty and will not die any soul until it earns its sustenance. (Fall), in the Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Studies specialized in the fundamentals of religion, and thanks to God, I did not sit after graduation, I first started the Quran memorization project at the Shaima School in Sharjah, currently I am working in the private school in Al Mamzar. primary, preparatory and secondary stages. and all this with Allah` blessing .

Wafa Ahmed Al-Adwan
Al Ittihad Private School

I studied in the Faculty of Sharia at Sharjah University and I gained lot of knowledge and wisdom. I have been blessed with company of my professors all this years, I ask Allah to reward all of as they deserve.

Someya Salim Kordi