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I am a class of 2014 graduate from University of Sharjah, College of Health Sciences, Department of Physiotherapy. Upon graduation in summer of 2014, I was able to secure an admission (September of 2014) for a two-year Masters of Science (thesis-based) program in Rehabilitation Science, at McMaster University. I encountered absolutely no issues in terms of having to attend additional courses to equalize my Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy degree and was able to enroll into my Masters program at McMaster University. In addition, I did not have to present McMaster University an IELTS or TOFEL test score because English is the language of instruction and examination at Department of Physiotherapy, at University of Sharjah.Upon the start of my Masters degree, I also applied to Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators for the credential processing which involves comparing internationally-educated physiotherapist's education and credentialing (equalizing) to that of a Canadian-educated physiotherapist. This process determines if there are substantial differences in the qualifications that would prevent the internationally-educated physiotherapist from being eligible for the Physiotherapy Competency Examination and practice in Canada. My Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy degree obtained from University of Sharjah, Department of Physiotherapy was identified to not be substantially different that of a Physiotherapy degree (Masters in Physiotherapy – MPT) awarded in Canada. However, the only issue was the total number of hours of supervised clinical education. The Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators has a minimum requirement of 1025 hours of clinical supervised education. The University of Sharjah, Physiotherapy Department study plan offers a total of 990 hours of supervised clinical education. Therefore, there is a gap of 35 hours. 

I am currently pursuing a PhD program in Physiotherapy stream at Western University, and have been fortunate enough to have to opportunity to be given a Teaching Assistantship position, teaching the first-year Masters of Physiotherapy (MPT) students. All the knowledge gained during my four-year study towards a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy, at University of Sharjah, has enabled me to teach the various components of this course with much more confidence and ease, as the course content seems to be practically the same. 
Goris Nazari
BSc.PT, MSc, PhD(c)

Simply, This was the most exciting and pleasant experience of my life.
I enjoyed studying the physiotherapy major in well-structured program with knowledgeable & experienced faculty members. The program included the theoretical as well as the practical part to enhance our knowledge and understanding. The university atmosphere was friendly, supportive and encouraging to learn more  beyond the scope. This experience  made me confident and well prepared for the career life after graduation.   
"It was way over my expectations and thank you all for making it real" 

Hamda Khalifa Hassan Saeed Bin Surour AlKetbi

I chose to study Physiotherapy because I had an interest to study and work at the medical field.
At the beginning, I wasn't aware enough about this profession, but as the time passed I became familiar and was enjoying and doing very well in my study. I was very comfortable with the faculty, they were so helpful up-to-date, kind and really take care of each and every student in our batch. The courses and study material fulfilled what is required in the market.
May 2010 was my best day ever it was my graduation when I gained the harvest of the 4 years of hard working. After 8 months I was in my new career. It's now  4 years since I joined Al Baraha hospital and I am comfortable, excellent and representing my University in the work well. I am planning to do my post graduate study as soon as possible.

Eman Abdulrahim Al Janahi

I am happy that God planned for me to study physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is one specialty from college of health since. I was interested to study it, because it was not popular in that time. Most of people have no idea what physiotherapy mean.  

What is interesting about physiotherapy is that you can study different specialties at the same time. We studied orthopedic, neurology, women health, pediatric, pharmacology, management, cardiorespiratory. Also we had great time while doing clinical practice in many Government Hospitals in UAE. I gave us great chance to help us to choose where to work in the future. In addition we had the chance to see good number of causes during our practice. The clinical practice give us good experience in how to deal with patients, also it taught us how to be confident enough to deal with different causes. Studying in University of Sharjah, in College of health since give us good time , especially the facility team was so encouraging and supporting . The education team was so friendly, we get nice time while studying there. I advise locals to study physiotherapy, because still the number of local who works in this specialty in UAE is low. As we are old graduate we are always available to give support to students who study physiotherapy.

Hessa Nasir AL Ali ​

Enrolled at University of Sharjah in 2003 to study Physiotherapy as I planned to, hoping to be one of the best therapists ever. Gradually I started to develop to different levels of science with a great effort from the teaching staff that used the modern means of education based on the recent science of this major.
I graduated on 2009 to start the long job hunting journey which landed me first at Al Shabab Al Arabi Sports Club – Dubai and next in Rashid Hospital in January 2012 to continue my experience building trip receiving all the support from people around me.
Hamzeh Mahmoud Al Khatib​