My time at the University of Sharjah made me improve myself throughout my four years in the College of Health Sciences, Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences (MLS). My journey included from learning individually, in groups, to attending seminars, conferences, and scientific events. It taught me how to be independent in my thinking either scientifically, or socially. The professors and teachers of MLS were always approachable if students needed any kind of help. The education and knowledge given by the professors were up to higher standards, making sure that students are more than ready for real life events working at hospitals, private clinics, and other health sectors. Of course, it was not always about studies and getting good grades, but it was about getting enough knowledge and enjoying what you learn. Most certainly, the faculty of MLS were a major factor in my learning curve in which they all made sure learning is supposed to be fun. I will never forget my time with all my dear professors and lecturers, because of them I am thankful for who I am now.

Reem Sami Al Hamidi
December 2016



I did graduate from the UoS and I was one of the College of Health Sciences students. I studied Medical Laboratory Sciences (MLS) and it was an unforgettable period of my life. My appreciation and gratitude go blindly to MLS profs and staff as they did their best to teach, encourage and help me and my colleagues. MLS along side with its profs and teachers did really well in teaching us the medical part of our major as well as many other life-dealing aspects; such as how to think scientifically, work together as one group, and manage our times. And they are still there; ready to give us any help. To me, it is really hard to summarize all that great moments not only with my colleagues, but also with my profs and teachers. One thing I want all of you to be sure about; if the time just could go back, I will definitely choose nothing but the MLS.

Mohamed Hassan Alhosani.
Senior Lab Technician at Public Health Clinic
March, 2015


 Studying Medical Laboratory Sciences (MLS) has been the most rewarding experience for my professional and personal growth.
College of Health Sciences hosts some of the most versatile, highly qualified and experienced faculty members. Their comprehensive understanding, strong academic foundation, and valuable practical knowledge leads you towards consistent excellence. It's also a great place to build strong relations with people who share your interests, support you, and provide you with the sense of belonging like a family.
Within MLS family, I have truly learned what will fulfill my life's ambition and dreams, and how to continue my journey for knowledge with passion.

Hawra`a Ali Allowatia
Lab Technician
March, 2015

I'm so proud to be a UOS graduate.  Being a student in MLS gave me the chance to be educated by qualified and well experienced doctors and professors. University of Sharjah gave me the lifetime opportunity to make connection around the region with its diversity of student nationality from all around. My experience in University of Sharjah was a life time opportunity. 

Jeedah Al Dabbagh
MLS Alumni
Feb, 2015

Blessings come to people in different ways; mine was graduating from UOS as Medical Laboratory Scientist. Not only I was educated and mentored by qualified professors and doctors but also met great colleagues and friends along the way. Throughout the 4 years of my study I was taught by experienced staff, who made science sound like entertainment. With the knowledge and skills that I gained, I was hired in best hospital, University Hospital Sharjah, where it feels like home as I'm in the vicinity of my university... All thanks to great leaders I was honored to have. Best of all, I had met my lifetime friends.


Mahranoosh Mohammad
MLS Alumni
Feb 2015



Being part of the Medical Laboratory Sciences program in UoS was an unforgettable experience. The past 4 years equipped me with many skills needed
to prepare me for my career as a Medical Lab Scientist. I'll be forever grateful to my professors and lecturers for sharing not only their
knowledge but their own individual experiences as well. I'm hoping to one day repay the fruits of their labor in kind.
As of now , I am currently working at Latifa Hospital in the Hematology and Transfusion services unit where I get the chance to apply the theories , skills and knowledge gained.

Mohammed Bilal Ali
Medical Laboratory Sciences Graduate 2012
Feb 2015