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Master of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences
College of Health Sciences
Medical Laboratory Sciences
Commenced Year
Sharjah Main Campus
Study System
Thesis and Courses
Total Credit Hours
36 Cr. Hrs
2-4 Years
Fall & Spring
Study Mode
Full Time and Part Time
Master of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences

Owing to great advances in biomedicine and technology, the role of medical laboratory specialists in patient care and management has gained great momentum in recent years. The wide array of diagnostic lab tests performed by the diagnostic lab in any health care facility is a cornerstone upon which physicians and practitioners base their professional decisions as to how to treat and manage patients. Hence, there is a growing need for highly qualified senior lab practitioners who could oversee the work of specialist and ensure the highest level of quality. Hospitals and other health care facilities as well as accrediting entities consider it a pre-requisite for any medical diagnosis lab to be supervised by competent and well-trained individuals. The department of Medical Lab Sciences at the University of Sharjah prides itself on being one of few academic departments in the UAE and the Gulf Region to train competent medical lab scientists. However, as junior professionals, it takes our graduates many years of practice to gain the experience and knowledge necessary to work as senior lab managers. Additionally, there are batteries of advanced and technically-challenging biochemical and molecular tests that need special training and can only be conducted by senior specialists. The proposed program is designed in such a way to help prospective students to develop the theoretical background and technical skills needed for such professional roles through tailor-made theoretical and practical courses. Students will also acquire the theoretical and practical experience in lab quality control and quality assurance by enrolling in compulsory courses designed to help them achieve this goal. Gaining enough proficiency to be an effective liaison of the profession, be it with medical teams at their facility, government agencies, public and private health care sectors, or quality control/assurance entities requires much deeper knowledge and experience than what a regular undergraduate training program in medical lab sciences would usually provide.

Program Objectives
The objectives of the proposed program are: 1. Advance the training of graduates of medical lab sciences and related fields in core specialties of the profession (clinical chemistry, microbiology, clinical immunology, hematopathology , cytogenetics and Lab management) 2. Enable enrolled students to develop the necessary scientific background and technical skills to carry out productive basic as well as community-health type research. 3. Ensure that all enrolled students will develop the set of skills needed to devise, develop and run tailor-made quality control and quality assurance protocols and programs at the workplace. Essentials of institutional and external (national and international) certification and accreditation programs and inner-workings will also be part of this training component.

Program Structure & Requirements
1.1. Program Credit Hours

Credit Hours
Compulsory Courses 24
Elective Courses
Research Project 6
​Total Credit Hours

i.  Compulsory Courses (all to be offered by the department of Medical Lab Sciences)

Credit Hours Course Name Course No
3 Advanced Clinical Chemistry 0501-611
3 Microbial Pathogenesis 0501-612
3 Cytology and Cytogenetics 0501-613
3 Hematopathology 0501-614
3 Advanced Clinical Immunology 0501-615
2 Research Methods 0501-617
1 Graduate Seminar 0501-618
3 Advanced Lab techniques 0501-621
3 Sp. Topics in Lab Management 0501-622
24 Total ​

ii. Elective Courses (the student will choose any two of these courses to complete their graduation requirements)

Remark Credit Hours Course Name Course No
Offered as compulsory courses by the MSc program in molecular medicine ​ ​ ​ ​ 3 Selected topics in Cancer Biology 0900701
3 Biomedical Genomics 0900703
3 Sp. Topics in Cell Biology 0900705
3 Advanced topics in Human Molecular Genetics 0900710
3 Bioinformatics 0900707

iii. (0501-623) Research Project:

Students to enroll in the proposed program will have to prepare an extensive graduation report based on actual research work conducted at the research labs of faculty supervising the student or field work under the supervision of a faculty members involved with the program.  The report will account for (be equivalent to) 6 credit hours of the program and will have to be enrolled in during the fourth semester of the study program.  It must be said that students will have an extensive lab rotation during the first semester of their

second year while attending the Advanced Lab techniques practical training course.  This will enable them to decide on the research project they want to pursue and the advisor who will supervise their research work.

Special Admission Requirements
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