Chair's Welcome

Thank you for visiting the Medical Diagnostic Imaging Department page. The department was established in 1998 by McMaster University of Canada, and the first graduated batch was 2001. The department provides 3 different tracks for the Bachelors program. The first track is for high school students, which requires completion of a course of four years, and 137 credit hours. The other two programs are for students holding a diploma and who require two or three years of study depending on the qualifications. The programs is accredited by Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research.

The program qualifies graduates to work in various disciplines of medical diagnostic imaging, which includes general radiography, Computed Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Ultrasound and Nuclear Medicine. The department laboratories are equipped with all the modern imaging devices that provide for a work environment similar to that found in hospitals. In addition student's will spend approximately 1080 hours clinical practice in various hospitals and diagnostic centers within the UAE. The graduates during the past years showed great efficiency in all disciplines within and outside the United Arabic Emirates and many of them worked at academic and administrative positions at the workplaces and they continue their higher studies in many countries such as UK, Australia, and Canada.

Thank you again for visiting our site and invite you to submit any ideas or proposals that contribute to continued development.


Prof. Samir Awadallah
Acting Chairman of Medical Diagnostic Imaging