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"When I reflect on my four years in the University of Sharjah MDI program, I conclude that the experience not only made me an ambitious Radiologic Technologist but also prepared me in unpredictable ways for my career/continuing studies journey. Through workshops, seminars, research and clinical practice, I found myself equipotential with radiologic technologists, both inside and outside UAE, even with the relatively little experience I have been a recent graduate.

I'm very thankful that I have been part of incredibly supportive classmates and professors who were nothing short of champions." 

Ms. Hiba Waleed Abdo Al-Dhubhani
MDI Graduate, 2017

"It was a great pleasure to attend and participate in this seminar which is certainly will add lots to participants, the Medical Diagnostic Imaging is one of the most important specialty in the era of investigation dependant medicine which had benefit of a considerable technical advanced development during the last 25 years, such seminars are very crucial to update the knowledge of medical staff and to help more in the patient care service."

Dr. Abdulmunhem OBAIDEEN
Head of Medical Diagnostic Imaging
Associate professor of Radiology 
University Hospital Sharjah - UAE

"I acknowledge and thank Mrs. Sura for inviting me to deliver the lecture in New Trends in Radiology on Oct 18.2012. It was indeed a good experience as I always have a passion for teaching students. The students were very interactive. I appreciate the students for their voracious appetite for learning. I would further like to contribute to the oncoming CME activities in the university and share my knowledge and experiences in radiology."

Dr. Sivakumar Dhanaraj
Specialist Radiologist
Radiology Department 
Zulekha Hospital
Dubai- UAE​

I am finally putting what I learned into the real world. Two years after graduating from University of Sharjah enduring and tackling many obstacles I can finally play my part at being a key person in society and healthcare, as I am now the 'Eye of the Hospital' and it fills me with joy knowing that I play a major role when it comes patient health.

Mr. Mohammed Hassan Hijazi
MDI Graduate ​​​